Cointiply - The Cointiplier Is Moving!

Hello fellow cointipliers!

I started being serious and diligent with my Cointiply activities about 3.5 months ago. As all of us, my faucet contiplier gauge started on 1.5x. I was getting excited at the idea to see that multiplier moving up as I was putting more and more efforts into Cointiply. After all, if you click on the "question mark" sign next to the cointiplier, the expectations are made clear.



I think I'm, and was, pretty engaged and committed to Cointiply. Based on the explanations above, I was expecting my contiplier to increase a bit over time. After a month or so, nothing had changed and I asked on the Chat if anyone had their cointiplier increased lately. The general feeling was that this Cointiply feature was not really working anymore. Users being on the site and active for over 3 months had not seen their cointiplier getting better. Too bad I thought...

But then today, the value of my cointiplier changed, finally! I moved from 1.5x to 1.9x! My basic faucet claim went from 22 coins to 31 coins. Given that I just passed 100% loyalty bonus, that's a cool 18 coins (at minimum) increase on my faucet claims. 


Yet, I have no idea of what triggered the change of my cointiplier. Surely, being active on Cointiply made the actual "x" higher but why did it move now and not earlier? And what else can I do now to make it go to 2.0x.

By reading a few comments on the Chat, it seems that everyone (most people at least) got an update on their cointiplier today as well. Is that your case for you guys? How much of a change did you see?

I'm taking it as a reward for my dedication, or maybe a slight adjustment given the dramatic increase of Bitcoin price over the past few month. Since Cointiply pays out in $, every time Bitcoin goes up, less Satoshi are stacked. So a little bit more $ is a little bit more sats in the bank.


Best of luck with your earnings on Cointiply!




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