You are the umiverse

Part 2: Bang! Consciousness!

Bang! Consciousness! There you have it.... the answer to life, the universe and everything. According to an ancient super intelligent computer named Deep Thought.... When this question is calculated mathematically, the answer is 42. No further questions needed. That just about sums it all up. So let's just end it right here and call it a day. 

Oh wait, you are still reading, so this answer must not have been sufficient for you. You still have more questions? Fair enough, I do too, so let's continue. 

So let's go back a bit here, like all the way back to the very 'beginning' to, The Singularity. Our current understanding of the universe leads us to believe that if you run the math of the expansion and cooling of the universe in reverse, you will reach a point where all matter was compressed into an infinitely small, infinitely hot, and infinitely dense, single point, thus, the singularity. One might also infer that this single point contained a sort of infinite number of possibilities. Or put another way, was in a state of infinite potential. So, how does something that is infinite, become finite? That is to say, something which suddenly has a beginning. Well, you can't start something without a starting point, a marker for further measure. So it seems that time would be required to establish a "when" and space would be necessary in order to have a "where" for that marker to exist within. Zero, if you will. I'm getting ahead of myself though.

 Let's step back into infinity again for a second. You know how racing thoughts can be overwhelming and lead to anxiety and even depression, and in turn, in extreme cases, even suicide. Now imagine racing thoughts on an immense scale, an infinite scale. How would you ever make it through? To put it quite simply, you wouldn't. Not unless you eventually formed a very particular idea, an escape plan of sorts, a way out of it all. An end. An idea so great, that it halted the madness long enough for you to collect your thoughts. If you found a way to slow down or even derail an infinite train of thought, how would you do it? Think about it for a second. How would you do it right now? When you are overwhelmed, anxious, stressed, depressed, etc. One of the best things that I have found that you can do, is to get some distance from the source of your stress. That could be in the form of a vacation, or just taking a day off from work, or by just going for a walk. If you are being troubled by your own thoughts though, where you can not physically separate yourself from them.... meditate. Thereby distancing yourself mentally from your own thoughts. Observe them from an objective standpoint. What does this essential distance create? 

A state of mental clarity. Calm.

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Greg Hammer
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On The Origin Of The Universe
On The Origin Of The Universe

This is a series that makes up a short story I wrote. The story explores the possibilitiy that when it comes to thinking about the origin of the universe, perhaps we have gotten it all wrong this whole time. Maybe this new narrative would better explain the true nature of nature. I think our current established understanding of existence/reality/the human condition/religion/life/the universe/everything could use a bit of reworking. Enjoy! Please feel free to leave a comment to let me know how wrong I am!

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