Potato Cakes

By Omnigrapher | Omnigrapher | 25 Apr 2019

Todays chemical concoction is "Potato Cakes". These are great made with day old mashed potatoes or even mashed sweet potatoes (yams if you live in the western part of the USA). They are super easy and they freeze well. The only things to remember are; Do not use to much oil, they shouldn't be swimming. If they are falling apart you don't have enough egg (or too much oil). Anything goes, as long as you have enough potato and egg to hold it all together. Have fun with these!

Mashed potatoes (cold is best)
Egg (about 1 egg to every 1 - 2 cups of potato)
Onion chopped fine (about 1 tablespoon for every 2 cups of potatoes)
Cheese (optional)

Drop by the spoonful into hot oiled skillet. Flip one time melt the cheese on top and serve.

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