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By Olawalium | Olawalium | 28 Nov 2022


The year is drawing to a close and I feel it might be with mixed feelings for most people; thoughts of excitement for the New Year while the thoughts of missed opportunities and lack of fulfillment for some. However you feel, there is no denying the fact that, you have something to be thankful for, at least.

Most of the times we focus on what hasn’t been working rather than the things that worked for us. We allow ourselves to be robbed of the joy and the seemingly little breakthroughs we have achieved over the year. It is not too late to dream again; as the New Year comes with hope and better opportunities to do things better than we did this year.

The new year signals hope and opportunities, (and I'm not just talking about resolutions because that's always easy to make but hard to follow through due to lack of discipline) so rather than cry over spilled milk, you should try and scoop the ones you can or better still, enjoy the one you still have in your bottle.

Your dreams should be bigger than you, but they should be realistic. If your goals and dreams are not bigger than you, then it shows your goals and dreams are not big enough. If it is something you can achieve on your own, with minimal effort and in a short frame of time, then you should dream again in the coming year. 2023 is giving you another opportunity to do things better than you have ever done.


The storm of 2022 is almost over and you need to pick up the lessons and move on. There were times you cried, there were times you laughed too, there were times you don't even know how to feel, there were times you fell and there were times you came out on top. Focus on the good part too and take lessons from the bitter experience(s). Life responds to pressure and when you keep at it, situations or circumstances would also give way to you.

Let this always ring in your mind all through 2023. Learn to handle situations better than you did this year. We all have things we want to work on, we all know things we should have handled better, so let us learn how to do better.

The new year always come with resolutions that fades away before the half of the year is reached due to lack of sheer determination and seriousness to get through with it. Instead of drawing a list of things to work on all through the year just for paper sake, look inward, because no one knows you better than you and desire to work hard at it. Seek to be better than you were a day before, not just a year before. Learn to weather the storms in your life and speak peace to yourself.

The storm of 2022 is almost rounding up and the New Year is knocking here already with lots of expectations and new dreams, but always remember that, commitment is the primary key to achieving goals in life. If you can dream it, you can achieve it eventually.


We learn a lot from people we hold in high esteem today because they never gave up. Their stories inspired us because they listened to their inner self rather than what the society dictates. A lot of people will still try to bring you down in 2023. A lot of people will still speak ill of you as with other years, even in 2023. A lot of people will cheat you, steal from you, betray you, insult you and even challenges will arise. Don't think things will magically be a complete opposite but you can choose your narrative with how you act.

Never be oblivion to the fact that these things will still happen in 2023. It is a new year; it doesn’t mean every human will change, so never let them catch you unaware. As much as you can’t control what they do, you can control how you allow the things they do to get to you.

2023 is almost here and what are your expectations for the New Year? What were the lessons you picked up from this year that you desire to put into practice next year? Next year is just days away, and how ready are you for the year ahead?

Thank you for your time.

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Still me,

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