Leaving A Mark In Business.

By Olawalium | Olawalium | 17 May 2021


People don't celebrate the result if they cannot see the process. We live in an era where everyone gets attached to the success without understanding the process but the moment they can't trace your success or see the pattern you follow, then your achievements becomes questionable.

As you walk through life, you are leaving a mark. You should never become a secondary character in your life's story. You have to take things by the scruff of the neck and be intentional about it. Your intentions should always be to leave a mark and of course solve a problem, at least.

A day is coming when you won't be able to speak for yourself, but those marks would be speaking for you. You won't even be able to keep track of the lives you have touched but the lives you have touched would be the ones speaking for you. Life has a way of coming back at us and it pays to do things with good intentions.

Business is a compound word with the same principle. Your business is supposed to solve a problem and then leave a mark on others. Be true to you, don't live anyone's life - just be you! One man's calling is another man's failure. A lot of people want to do what makes the quick bucks but not knowing they need to find what works for them and seek to solve a problem peculiar to their location. One man's strength might just be another man's weakness.

In doing business, you have to know your area of your strength and make a business out of it. That is how to generate wealth and take advantage of the market. You have to break your own limitations if you want to have that industry's breakthrough.

People will always try to discourage you when you are starting out in any kind of business but those are the ones that would be fighting to be your friend when you achieved the success. Failure is really a lonely road but success attracts many people.

Every journey is not a straight journey, there is a detour at every point because there is something to pick up at every detour. For a business person, you have to learn at every single instance. You have to learn what worked in an instance and what didn't work in another then use both lessons to make an informed decision on what next to do. Never go seeking for other people's approval. A self belief and strong conviction coupled with a resolute determination to go all the way can help a lot too.

You need to learn to pursue what is possible but not visible and you have to give that dream, that goal, that business the visibility with how well you thrive at it. You might as well be the one to create a dream for others with your pursuit of it which points to the earlier statement mentioned about 'leaving a mark'.

...to be continued...

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