Laws That Guards Economic Empowerment.

By Olawalium | Olawalium | 20 May 2022

I love learning things every day and when I listened to this topic, my mind opened up. Of course, these would be in my own words based on the understanding that I have derived from the teaching and the points given.

The truth is there is no one that can't make headway in life. We often think that success is for a selected few but that's far from the truth. Some laws govern success so much that it doesn't matter whether you are religious or not, as long as you put certain things in place, you can attain success. You can't keep praying without making steps. You can't keep wishing without making plans. This is to challenge our thinking and for us to know that we can only be limited when we allow those limitations.

1. Threshold can be crushed and narratives can be changed.


Most people have been used to the way things are. They have gotten so used to their situation that they feel that nothing else can change. This has hindered them from taking the necessary steps and dreaming big. They feel the more they dream the more limited they would be anyway because "This is the way it has always been."

"Oh, no one has ever made a million in my family." "And no one has ever left the shores of Nigeria in my lineage." "No one ever graduates in my family." There are so many negativities that people think about. If you ask them to dream of heaven, they won't be able to but when you ask the human mind to invent horror, they are quick to. We have been conditioned to expect the worst most time and this has hindered so many people from the amazing things they can achieve.

We seem to forget that with intense effort and of course, prayer too, thresholds can be crushed and narrative can be changed. You can leave a lot of people in your post and they would look for you at your old "address" - state only to find out that you are no longer in that state of thinking or limitations. It's never going to be easy to change your thinking because you've been this way for the better part of your life but when you feel it so strong within you that you want that change to start with you, then you can achieve that success in that area.

2. Money affords you the opportunity to get things done.

I've heard and read a lot of theories that money isn't everything and I agree. There is a place for money and there is a place for humanity but there is no way you can help humanity in other aspects too without money. Yes, you can make a difference without money but we all know that money can extend the latitude of your relevance when you channel it in the right way and for the right courses.

A lot of people don't know when to deploy their money and when to do without it. They throw money at everything which is why they feel money is everything and those who think they only need to show their human side too without money, soon get disappointed along the way. Knowing when money is required and when your humanity without money can make a lot of difference in this life.

When we see money as a tool we have a higher chance of not being controlled by it. I heard the story of a man who lost over a million dollars and everyone expected him to be down or close to committing suicide. He got to work the next day because he is the CEO of that company. With so many people's fates hanging in the balance, he said and I quote, "Don't feel bad for me. There is no need for despair. I am the same person that made that money and lost it. I haven't forgotten how I made it in the first place, I just won't lose it the same way again."

It takes someone who knows that money is just a tool to think that way. I know we feel differently and to some, who they are is tied up to what they have, so it's easier for them to break when they lose it. This is why diversification and making money as a tool would be of huge help to many people.

3. God has made provisions for everything that represents a need in the life of a believer.

Because God has made provisions for everything you need as a believer doesn't mean you just have to stay idle, do nothing and expect Manna to fall from heaven. If you pray from morning till night and won't take steps, nothing would happen. I can remember one time when I needed cash and I prayed about it. I was led by my spirit to ask my brother and he gave it to me. If I didn't ask him, how can I expect him to know what I needed?

There was another time I needed money and this time around I didn't even pray about it. I just asked my brother straight up and he told me he was cash trapped too. I went back to pray, I apologized for trying to do it this time around without God and the next day, my brother that said he was cash trapped sent me the same amount I needed.

What am I saying? It's in these little things... It's about taking steps and listening to the promptings of your spirit. The answers you need can be found when you pray and when anything drops in your heart, don't hesitate to take the step. You can call on God but don't forget that you still need to row your boat to the shore. God will always send the rain but you still have to be the one to prepare your field because when the rain falls and there is no work done on the field, there would be no production. We often blame God for not helping us but we forget to take account of the parts where we fail to do what is necessary. be continued...

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