A Circus Show.

A Circus Show.

By Olawalium | Olawalium | 27 Oct 2020


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This country is indeed a circus show

They expected us all to go with the flow

With every stunt they pull, intelligence they insult

I wonder if their family members they never consult

Or the members of their secret cult

Before they disgraced them all in the public

Apples don't fall farther from the tree, truly

This country is run sometimes like a joke

I won't even pay to watch with the price of a coke

Total distaste and insult to intelligence is their joke

They are older but I am sorry, their nose I just want to poke

Age is indeed never a sign of maturity, we spoke

They want to rule us with poverty, leaving everyone else broke

Now we want to alleviate our yoke

They are feeling the heat yet still forgetting common sense


...to be continued...

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