[OceanWallet Update] Market Improvements and Leaderboards

By okean123 | okean123 | 25 Aug 2020

In the last couple of weeks I added some key features to the OceanWallet market that I want to talk about in this post.

You can find the previous update here.


Market Changes

One key feature to have a fully functional market that I previously hadn't implemented is having the option to cancel sell orders. You can do that now, either by directly clicking the "Cancel" button, which is shown instead of the buy button or by selecting multiple NFTs and cancelling them simultaneously.

(See this post on my Hive Blog for Images)

You can now uncheck all boxes by clicking a button. Not a big change, but should make things way easier.
(See this post on my Hive Blog for Images)

Another convenient thing that OceanWallet previously did not have is the ability to stay logged in on the market page. This is now possible and automatically actived, you can use other accounts by clicking the logout button.
(See this post on my Hive Blog for Images)

The last thing that changed is that now the market shows all listed NFTs instead of a part only. This change made the market page slower if there are many NFTs listed, particularly the DCity market, but it is still faster than the native DCity market ;). I need to think about a better way to display all the NFTs, but that is not really a priority currently.

Personal Market Page

This idea came from @itharagaian. You now have a personal market page that shows your sale orders for a specific game. You can access it with the following link, where TABLE = the game and ACCOUNT = your account name. Table can be STAR, CITY or NFTSR.


(See this post on my Hive Blog for Images)

This page is basically the market page with your account name as a search filter applied. It works with the same code and you should expect the same behaviour from it.

You can access this page by clicking your username when you are logged in on the market page.

 Transfer History

I added a page that checks the blockchain for NFT transfer operations and shows them.


It's not really effective if you want to check old transfers of NFTs, but it works for checking after trading etc.

I need to note that this feature is more or less obsolete now though, since Hive-Engine.rocks has added NFTs to their explorer:


 Stats and Leaderboards

This is something I added just recently, but I will probably expand it in the future. Currently it's a script that counts the amount of fans from cards for each Rising Star account. The data is represented as pure text, so it can be used for other tools, e.g. to be visually represtened. I will probably add other stats, including stats for other games later.


Future Plans

The plans since the last update have changed a bit. Initially I wanted to add a feature to search for cards by ID, name or other properties, I still want to do that but probably not in the near term future.
I am not quite sure what will be the next update or when it will be released. The only thing that I am sure I want to do is fix an issue with Firefox not correctly working with the tool.

Currently NFTs of the projects Rising Star, DCity and NFT Showroom are listed on OceanWallet. If you want to see another NFT listed just leave a comment here.

If you have any other feature suggestions,ideas or find bugs feel free to leave a comment.

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