Just put the rest of my UNI airdrop into CUB

By okean123 | okean123 | 14 Mar 2021

How fucked am I? I don't care. With the LeoBridge upcoming and the New CUB/block number reducing it can only go up, right?

Those UNI were a bigger part of my portfolio, but they were free anyway, so who cares right?

You know what they say, you can't earn money without losing money (or something like that?!)


Anyway, as you probably noticed from my previous words, I am definitely not writing this to make myself feel better about the decision to swap the UNI to CUB.

The fact that the last time, that I wrote about an investment on Hive (Steem back then) a couple of years ago, I almost lost all my cryptos is not really reassuring me of this, but fuck it. I was young back then and invested in stupid shit and not the currently hyped shit.

So now that I am in, I officially allow you to shill Cub Finance to other people. I heard the guys at /biz are degenerates and enjoy a quick DeFi gamble.


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