Lunacia's purity sweepstakes!

By Purefect | Okasura | 15 Sep 2020

Welcome to the Lunacia's purity sweepstakes!

Do you love pure Axies?
Art & Rari?
How about land and items?

Every purchase you make of This art piece on Rarible will count as 1 entry into the sweepstakes.
(Maximum limit 40 entries per person. Price per entry: 0.06 )
1 purchase = 1 entry.
10 purchases = 10 entries.
Each entry is valid for all draws

In this event you can win Pure Axies, Land and Items.
Prizes available are:
10 100% Pure Virgin birds
10 100% Pure birds with 3 to 4 breeds
2 Forest plots
3 Item packs
1 Arctic plot

Start date: 9/16/2020
End date: 09/30/2020
End early conditions: When 200 art pieces are sold

In addition to entering the competition, Rarible will also airdrop you some RARI for making purchases.

At certain milestones of art pieces sold, more rewards will be unlocked:

20 Sales       1 100% Virgin                        1 100% with breeds
40 Sales      [1 100% Virgin + Item pack],  1 100% with breeds
60 Sales       1 100% Virgin                        1 100% with breeds
80 Sales       1 100% Virgin             [1 100% with breeds + Land plot]
100 Sales     1 100% Virgin                        1 100% with breeds
120 Sales     1 100% Virgin             [1 100% with breeds + item pack]
140 Sales     1 100% Virgin                        1 100% with breeds
160 Sales    [1 100% Virgin + Land plot],  1 100% with breeds
180 Sales     1 100% Virgin                        1 100% with breeds
200 Sales     1 100% Virgin                        1 100% with breeds

A total of 20 draws.

Special Winners Draw - Land gameplay starter kit. 1 Arctic plot + Item bundle

When we reach the 200 milestone, All of the winners will be entered into an additional draw for:
1 arctic plot + a bundle of items.
Most items will boost pure axies, to go along with your new pure bird(s)
Each win will count as an entry into the special winners draw.


---Maximum allowed entries per person will be 40.
This is to prevent a whale from coming along and just snatching up an entire massive 100% pure bird farm for a big discount.
I think everyone deserves an opportunity to participate in this. As such, if an individual purchases over 40 entries, their entries beyond 40 will not be counted toward the draw.
In the event that someone tries to game system and exploit the rules (Ex. buying all entries, buying on alts) i would thank them kindly for the donation, add more prizes and mint the difference so others can still join.
By participating in this event, you agree to these rules & terms.

--- Every time you win, 1 entry will be burnt
So if you bought 20 entries and win once, your draws will be reduced to 19 for further draws. If you win again your draws are reduced to 18. And so on.
If you bought 1 entry and win, your draws will be reduced to zero and you won't be eligible for future draws. (Except for the winners draw at 200)
You can win multiple times with more than 1 ticket.

--- After your purchase DM Asura on discord with your: Discord username, Link to your Rarible collection and Eth address.
We will have a few days grace to get everything organized, prepared & accounted for. You will have a few days to get me your information.
- Your discord nickname is needed to add to the RNG draw
- The link to your Rarible collection to count your entries
- Your Eth address to deliver your prizes to you
As for the loom prizes i will contact you for that address if you win land / items.

Discord username & # is part of the unlockable content, if you're coming from a community outside of Axie Infinity.


Pricing disclosure

0.06 x 200 = 12 eth

10 100% pure virgins valued at 0.75 = 7.5 eth
10 100% pure w/breeds valued at 0.25 = 2.5 eth
Service fee = 0.75 eth
?? Land plots & item packs valued at = 1.25 eth
= 12 Eth

The first 2 item packs will be valued at 0.1 Eth each (0.2 Eth)
the first 2 plots will be valued at 0.2 Eth each (0.4 Eth) (Forest)
The final plot and item pack will be valued at (0.65 Eth) (Arctic + items)


What are my odds of winning if i purchase 1 ticket?
Your odds change based on how many other participants are in the draw.
To calculate this take your number of entries and compare it to the number of sales.
If we only reach the 20 milestone then 1 ticket will have a 10% chance at winning at least one of the 2 birds for that tier.
When we reach the 200 milestone you have a 1% chance of winning on each draw. Your entry is viable for all other draws until you win or the event is concluded.
If you purchased 20 art pieces that would be 10% of the pool. That's a 10% chance for every draw before wins / burns.
If you purchased 40 tickets you would make up 20% of the pool. I think it goes without saying but that many tickets for 20 draws would certainly boosts your odds and chance at more loot.

What if only 36 sell, or 165, or 4, or 92?
I doubt this will happen but prizes would be adjusted accordingly relative to number of entries.

How will the draws be conducted?
Once all the entries have been gathered i will manually input all the draws into an RNG based mechanism.
So if you purchased 10 entries for example your name will be entered into 10 slots.
After each draw i will burn 1 entry from that winner, take note of what they won and reenter all other entries back into the rng system.
Furthermore i may use several different RNG systems because the possibility exists for such programs to form patterns.
Some RNG systems have the potential get "stuck" so by switching systems up and reentering info every time it will help negate that if the issue ever arises.
This may turn out to be quite time consuming so i will be recording a video on the draws and later uploading it to the discord.
After the duration of the video is played winners will be "@" tagged and notified.
Perhaps we can watch the video as a stream, in discord.

Why _x_ valution for virgins?
I've talked with many people and everyone values them differently. This is a can worms really with lots of strong opinions.
I'm merely going to explain my findings and mean no offense to anyone.
Some peg the price between 0.8-1eth now, up to 1.5eth after land play releases. I concur with that predictive assessment 100%.
Some think between 0.6-0.8. basing the valuation on old data and old market conditions.
that pricing model was for 6/6 axies regardless of purity. Not 100% pures. Back then the floors were lower, the market? slower. Demand low with a high supply. Gas, far cheaper.
Now the demand is higher, supply is lower, floors risen, purity maxed, Sky high gas prices, new blood coming in daily by the droves and for some reason new players are magnetized toward birds.
If the valuation is too low the former will buy up 40 x 5 in a flash, considering they have the spare eth. Realizing the value of owning a pure bird farm post land release. This wouldn't give many people a chance at the draws right.
If the valuation is too high, the latter won't be interested and may even take offense.

So for now i've come to the conclusion that 0.75 should be more than reasonable as a middle ground.

If you have any other questions related to the logistics of this event, that are not addressed in this article
Send me a message on Discord and i'll get back to you.

Good luck and have fun!
- Asura

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