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“We’re moving from a centralized understanding of the world to a decentralized understanding of the world.” -Mike Cernovich

This week was going to be about diversity and how that is one of the many benefits of having a free market. It’s always great when you can express yourself and your culture in an economy without fear of discrimination. The Free market is designed to protect the largest minority group: the individual. Plain and simple. Individuals are hurt more by regulations, and partisan politics more than any other group. Diversity is a great subject and we will definitely circle back to it, our mission has become clear for the time being: “Expose the greatness of Decentralized Finance, and shine the brightest light possible on the broken Centralized System that exists today. 

     We continue to read articles about how Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency is just a bubble from “financial experts.” Leaders of the old guard, or the centralized economic sphere would prefer to keep it centralized. That centralization is that has brought the elite bankers their individual success and given them the titles and powers they have experienced through today. These power structures are attempting to keep their grip on the public, and the economy as tight as possible, especially now that DeFi and Crypto have begun to really catch on. The powers that be will get desperate to hang on to this centuries old centralization they have had, but they are really not realizing how amazing the world can be and will be with decentralized finance. 

   As we get into this, we will try to stay unbiased and critical of both sides of the spectrum, but the bottom line is that you can not have wealth and opportunity for all in a system that favors wealth and opportunity for a few. Wealth and opportunity for all can only exist in an environment designed for individuals to have control of their own fate, and their own money.  Decentralized Finance is built on the principles of peer to peer networking, instead of a one server that serves all systems. This is going to be our platform for the near future, and is still something we are learning more about everyday. We are excited to take the dive into Web3 and Defi with you. Please stay tuned for more. 


Written  by Caleb Hogan from on February 3, 2021

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