The Sandbox

“The Sandbox is infinite in vision. A place where the child can use the sand, available tools and space to bring their imagination to life. Why shouldn’t this concept be a part of our adult reality?” -The Anointed Young  

Another OG in the blockchain gaming metaverse that deserves recognition: The Sandbox. Since their start in 2012, they’ve become well established as a gaming network. The latest version of the Sandbox franchise was set up for success when they stepped into Web 3 in 2019. As the metaverse gets bigger and blockchain technology becomes more widely utilized, The Sandbox game is something to keep your eyes on.   

Sandbox Sandbox App

The network is very familiar with a player based ecosystem. The original and evolved versions of the game became popular with their user-generated content. Millions of downloads and millions of creations within the Sandbox universe… The Blockchain version gave back to the players by giving them true ownership over the things they create in the metaverse through NFT technology and native token SAND. It’s no wonder this Ethereum based game was voted the most anticipated Blockchain game in 2019. 

The Game

The Sandbox is similar to other metaverse games, but is a universe all it’s own. A user-owned and operated gaming environment. Players can create, build and trade their assets in a decentralized manner and earn SAND throughout the gameplay experience. 

Three functions of the ecosystem: A ‘Voxel Editor’ where creators can bring their ideas to life and craft virtual assets. A Marketplace where we can buy, sell, trade and give. Lastly, the game itself, where everything comes together and games are played and objects are used. Creators can make an infinite amount of unique gaming experiences as well as ASSETs, and with multilayered tech, can bring these creations across chains and platforms. 

Sandbox Games Sandbox Games


SAND is what makes the game work. It allows users to trade, create, play and participate in governance. SAND is rewarded in staking options, can be collected in play-to-earn options of the game, and is the currency that runs the game. 

LAND is where the game takes place. There are thousands of plots of LAND, each unique in terrain and gameplay opportunity. Ownership of each plot allows for the creation of ASSETS and games and gives monetary incentive to keep the plot active and playable. Each plot is an Ethereum minted NFT, a physical plot of digital land in the metaverse. They can be traded, rented out, customized and built upon. It’s also the avenue to acquire staking rewards.

The Sandbox Sandbox Gameplay

Players each get an avatar to play with. Each coming with their own base functions, but being completely customizable by the owner. The universe is yours to build, starting with the digital extension of yourself!

Metaverse Incoming

As the times of the metaverse come closer to full fruition, the Sandbox stands as an excellent representation of the real world economic structure and opportunity that lies in the realm of blockchain games. User-owned-and-operated and thriving. The Sandbox has a lot to offer. 

Not only have they set themselves as one of the best blockchain games available, they continue to pursue the best. Innovation and decentralized growth is what blockchain is about, right? All I can say is that the Sandbox gaming experience is only going to get better. They’ve got the community, they’ve got the reputation, their list of sponsors is impressive- Sandbox is going far.


Written by SMH from on December 28, 2021

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