Economic Shifts Incoming: Did you Hodl?


It’s been a bumpy ride. Market contractions and expansions are a part of life. With the upward trends over the past few months in digital assets, the question always remains: did you Hodl

I sure hope so. It seems like these gains are overdue given the status of the global economy. However it’s understandable why values took a dive with the scares of inflation and hesitation coming from retail investors. It’s even more understandable, though, why they’re on the rise.

Decentralization of the market is incredibly valuable. Everyday more and more people are beginning to see that. It’s become evident that these assets are more than a retail investment: they’re an investment in the future. A future that’s coming at us quicker and more aggressively with each passing second. 

Here’s some stats over the past year to date:

BTC: +137%

ETH: +76.3%

XRP: +59.4%

SOL: +371.4%

Bitcoin broke above 40K USD today for the first time since spring of 2022. Gold is making some shoulder shrugs at the US dollar year over year in the 2020s, floating shy of 2100 USD.

Why though? Well- when inflation and global economic and political chaos ensue, the value starts to settle in what is seen as truly valuable. The market wins: right now the market doesn’t seem to be choosing the US dollar. It’s choosing utility, privacy, security, decentralization, growth, competition, innovation, and opportunity. 

If the dollar has anything it’s government granted value and a tangible grasp to it. That’s why people like gold: you can hold it in your hands. The Dollar is becoming more and more digital everyday and losing the tangibility that people hold fast to. That’s why people like Bitcoin and crypto- it makes a digital currency not more fake, but more real. More valuable.

Big shifts are coming. We might see some more sell offs or market contractions and we might  see things go to the flippin moon. Only time will tell, but my guess overall is that the latter is only inevitable for decentralized assets. Did you Hodl?


Written by SMH from on December 3, 2023

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