“Virtual worlds have been destigmatized as a result of COVID. COVID has legitimized time in virtual worlds in a way that almost no other event could have.” -Matthew Ball 

Decentraland Has Disrupted Crypto And More.

Decentraland has disrupted crypto markets, gaming platforms, and reality as we know it. This virtual world has put so many people in control of their destiny in ways not possible 2 years ago! MANA, and it’s native platform have taken the blockchain, and traditional world by storm creating a very valuable project with massive potential. 

This Decentraland project kicked off in 2017 under the guise of creating a new virtual world free of centralized control. What does that mean? Well when decenraland began users would socialize, share information and play games on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and similar platforms. Platforms centralized in nature often censor content, and only the platform can profit off of user end data. The creators of Decentraland saw a better opportunity for users to enjoy so much more in a decentralized environment. 

How Does This Work?

The Decentraland project runs on the Ethereum network, and uses two tokens to run it’s smart-contracts; LAND, and MANA. The LAND token references virtual land ownership and space. users use MANA to purchase land, goods or services. MANA is 100% decentralized running on the blockchain free of governance. LAND is integrated with the DAO system which gives users moderation powers allowing the community to have some governance over Decentraland. This project is also open source, allowing developers to hop on and off the project as they wish. 

What Can You Do In Decentraland?

The question is what can you do in this virtual world? The better question is what Can’t you do?! This virtual world is full of everything we have in the real world mixed with a hint of imagination. Users are able to buy and sell land. You can trade wearables, or sell your services in design etc. on the platform. You can build museums, or have a lounge for users to mingle in real time! There are Art Galleries full of NFTs, and obstacle courses which test a user’s agility. You can build your own village, or visit a village from someone across the world. As a user you can create your own business!  There are games, futuristic transpiration, and the ability to create and share scenes with your friends! Business conferences, music festivals, shows and entertainment and a new place to mingle are here now! 

For now this project is PC based, VR integrated, all user owned, and a mobile version is on the way. We the users own the platform. The users can profit from the platform. This Ethereum based project is the hottest VR project in the world currently. Decentraland will blow up next year. With the decentralized interoperability the sky’s the limit. One thing is for sure; Decentraland has disrupted crypto markets forever.  


COVID allowed these metaverse projects to achieve mainstream status. Since the pandemic started business will never be the same. We have opened the door to the metaverse. It is waiting for us to explore, discover and create within it! We hope you are as excited to jump into the metaverse as we are. I am thankful decentralized projects got a head start over the centralized competition. Let us know your thoughts! The theme remains; Decentraland has disrupted crypto and businesses like no other project in 2021.


Written by Caleb Hogan from on December 15, 2021

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