COVID Variants And Freedom

“If we don’t believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don’t believe in it at all.”—Noam Chomsky

From its introduction to the world only a couple years ago to the present day, the coronavirus has seated itself in the history books. One of the reasons is not attributed solely to the virus itself, but to the reaction of the people taking guard against it. All across the world, we’ve seen a variety of ways that this sort of situation has been handled; From Government  ambitions of creating herd immunity all the way to total lockdown, and everywhere in-between. We have never seen such government influence upon individual liberty in our modern day, at least not in the western world.

Conspiracy or Reality?

In a world where “conspiracy theories”  are becoming a reality instead of  being “misinformation” and “radical thinking”, it seems that these thoughts and ideas are gaining a captive audience as the “pandemic” continues on. The latest variant leaves us all wondering if there will ever be an end to this. There is so much uncertainty and government overreach  in the air, it’s only natural that people would start to question what the mainstream media, and government scientists are saying. 

It’s almost as though  the data changes daily.  The protocols are inconsistent, the money printing is out of control, and unconstitutional mandates inundate our daily lives. Political division is at an all time high. Have you felt affected due to this pandemic? We have.

“It’s Just…”

So many times, from innumerable people, for innumerable reasons, we have heard statements start with those two words. “It’s just two weeks of quarantine”. “It’s just until the curve flattens”.  “Just until there’s a vaccine”. Now, after nearly two years, in certain places, it’s “Just until you’re vaccinated.” “It’s Just  until 75% of the population is vaccinated.” Or “It’s just going to be another  booster.” Where does the line get drawn?

Vaccination for Covid Required Required?

What’s up Noam Chomsky?

We chose to lead this post with a Noam Chomsky quote, because so many of his dissenters are shunning and ridiculing anyone who questions the government and  MSM narrative of this pandemic.  Freedoms  have been the topic of so much debate over the past few years it’s almost frightening. From tighter, more propagated speech control by Big Tech, and the MSM; to mandates that affect the business and travel of every citizen in the Western World.  Restaurants are now asking for personal health information. You have to comply or become an outcast, and a “criminal” at certain events.  Thought crimes have become an actual thing in modern times. 

Some people are okay with being told how to live their lives, but what if you aren’t? What if you or I believe we know what is best for our families and it’s not what they are telling us? We have become despised, and now people like Noam don’t believe in free speech for all. Perhaps they never did. Now we are entering a world where you do as you are told, or the government will come for your job, or family, and you. In one of his latest conversations Noam explains that anti-vaxxers must be won over with reason rather than force, but in essence he alludes to anti-woke mob, anti-communist conformist people as the problem. He even flat out says free speech must be limited on college campuses.

Covid and Freedom Our Own Shots

Where Is The Hope? It’s Your Life! 

Is there an American ideal left standing? YES! People all over this nation are beginning to push back, and say enough! I read a tweet from a Florida man that said “life has been totally normal” since they lifted restrictions the first go around. In El Salvador there are no mandates, and almost 75% of the population is vaccinated. People are’nt generally stupid, and they can make choices for themselves. This is the basic concept behind our freedoms and rights in America. 

Get vaccinated, or don’t- it’s your personal choice! A freedom compromised for any reason now is one that can be compromised to nothing overall. The lines were crossed long ago, and it seems to be true that if you give an inch, they’ll take a mile. The question remains, how far will this go? How long will this drag on?

    Written by on December 5, 2021

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