Consistency Is Key

“It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives. It’s what we do consistently.” –Anthony Robbins

Consistency is one of those things that is most certainly easier said than done. We’ve all had or have habits we try to engrain within our beings, but the only consistency found is the failure to be consistent in building the routine. However, this goes deeper than our planned out actions; To our demeanor, our thinking, and the things we put little to no thought into doing. As we’ve said, we have control over the habits we form and carry- may we always seek to improve… consistently!

The Course of Action

When it comes to personal investmentcommunity and practicing our individual liberties, consistency can be found as a difficult but necessary course of action on the path to success. Although some, like Ralph Waldo Emerson, would say that consistency is the enemy of the spontaneity of the genius and soul of man. But like we’ve mentioned before: consistency happens to us all at some level, whether we enforce it or not. We may not all be suited for the routine lifestyle: waking up at 5, working out, reading, eating a blanched breakfast… whatever it may be. Consistency doesn’t care though. The constants can  be easily identified within most anyone. Lazy, nice, mean, attentive, loyal, lustful, hateful, talkative, etc., etc.. We all have the goods and the bads, but as we continue to emphasize, we have the control.

Consistent Groups

Personal Consistency

Consistency is incredibly important to pay attention to in regards to personal investment/ growth. Where’s my mind? Time? Energy? My focus?  Is my human condition constantly improving? What are the things that are shaping me as a person? Who/What do I identify as? What exactly is consistent about our lives? 

These are the questions we need to ask ourselves. Everything we do, think and surround ourselves with has some sort of impact on us. It is our responsibility to ourselves to be in control of the course of our perspective view and plan. Meaning that it’s our responsibility to consume only that which is beneficial to us and to others- not all this garbage that’s so readily available in our age of information and stimulation. If we consistently pursue that which is good and just and true, we should surely see the same in our lives. 

Consistency in Community

From self to service. Being a part of a community takes a level of commitment and consistency. Relationships aren’t built overnight, they take a period of time to grow and run their course. Whether it be weeks, months, years or even a lifetime, it’s easy to say that if we are to be involved in the lives of others, time must be regularly made in order to sustain and grow in the relationship.

Friends, family, work, hobbies, church, you name it. There are tons of communities. When we seek to involve ourselves, our integrity calls us to continually be there for those whom we choose to be around, if we’ve committed to whatever the cause may be. No one likes a flake. It’s important that we keep a consistent presence in the lives we wish to impact or come alongside. Communities can’t grow if no one commits time to helping or receiving help from others. Communal growth only comes through connection and consistency!

Called to Consistency

Here at OTFM, we feel the weight of conviction on this subject. Though constantly focusing on self improvement and the improvement of our communities- consistency, as our nature has been designed, has had a fleeting presence in our lives. Our consistency and commitment to this community has not been the most well up-kept. We’d like to sincerely apologize for this as we now commit to our integrity as a project that seeks to open the eyes of people to their God-Given liberties. We are working to bring more content, writers and podcast episodes to the website and we greatly appreciate your patience and support! Much love, and thank you all so much.


Written by on August 4, 2021


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