Earn Smoke Crypto currency smoking weed on April 20 (420) Smoke.io

Earn Smoke Crypto currency smoking weed on April 20 (420) Smoke.io

By OG Crypto | OG Crypto | 19 Apr 2020

Do you smoke a lot of Cannabis ? 

Do you like earning Crypto Currency you can convert to Bitcoin ?

Then you should definitely set up a Free blog on Smoke.io the All Cannabis Social Network that pays you to share your Original Cannabis content.


420 Lockdown / Smoke up... 420 Locked in ... Smoke Out.

Join in the Smoke.io 420 celebrations on 420 2020

Create a 42 second video ...post to YouTube or wherever and share on Smoke at 4:20 on 420 wherever you are in the world.

42 blissful seconds of Smoke rising through the Trees with some smoky Ganja tunes playing in the background..... Smoke rising through the Maple trees in Canada, Smoke rising through the Blue Mahoe in Jamaica, Smoke rising through the Cedars of Lebanon, Smoke rising through the Eucalyptus in Australia, Smoke rising through the oak trees in America, Smoke rising through the olive trees in Palestine and Israel, Smoke rising through the Mediterranean cypress in Iran, Smoke rising through the Date Palms in Iraq, Smoke rising through the Camphors in Nigeria .... etc .... (List your Countries National Tree in comments below)

Smoke 420 can unite the World in Peace and Love and harmony.

We can all tune in on 420 and watch the smoke rising .... along with all the 420 Smokers ...





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