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Opinion: Brave Browser Devs - I need you to rattle the necks of Uphold Wallet!

By XTRM™ | Offbeat | 12 Aug 2020

Last week I was at the end of my tether (no pun intended) at the mechanics involved and degree of difficulty involved in making a withdrawal of the BAT I had accumulated this month, from the Brave Brave Browser associated income stream.

I'm absolutely positive I am not alone in wondering just how complicated do Uphold want to make their Crypto Wallet for customers to use. 

Make no mistake about it... Anything you try to perform with Uphold's assault course, set deep in the jungle, in a typhoon, and a huge cryptically coded lock on a door... to nowhere... is darn nigh flipping craftily concocted to mess with your mind - before being charged a ridiculous fee and punched in the nose for the privilege of trying to withdraw BAT to another Wallet - And it still didn't stick because by time I had processed the withdrawal I was a quivering wreck rolling around on my living room floor, foaming at the mouth. 

Do I want to go through this again?

Frrrrrt... Nope! 

I guess I might be HODLing my BAT for a while, until Uphold can address the complicated nature of their pedantic and often down right rude and repulsively behaved Uphold Wallet. 

If you have been unfortunate enough to have already dealt with the numerous updates, waits, shut outs and general frack ups of the Uphold Wallet - already synced with Brave Wallet, having had your arm firmly twisted up your back in almost epic Biblical movie fashion, to use the 'at the moment' horrible Uphold Wallet in the first place... Aaaaand breath. 

As some of you will also know, withdrawing BAT to another 3rd party application is a rigmarole, involving choosing transaction type, mingled in with associated file paths. Then realising *facepalm* it's not working - but it will if you use the associated in-app BAT Token Card - it is not over yet... Then all the flaming security associated with a withdraw....Arrgh!

Trust me, do not rely on my method of withdrawal and the correct procedure in doing so via Uphold Wallet Crypto Accounts. I honestly did not have any idea how I got there... Twice already. 

It really is a simple solution in the real world, and this is what should be implemented on the Uphold Wallet next time round when updating comes around - my easy solution for the initial Uphold account screen?

1. Open and login to the Uphold Wallet.

2. Profile and Cryptocurrency the customer has stored on screen. 

3. Click on Cryptocurrency that customer needs to send or with draw to. 

4. Opens on a screen to withdraw or deposit the selected crypto... 

5. Customer selects withdraw or deposit. 

Easy yes?

Personally speaking I think Brave Browser Devs need to go round to Uphold and tell them from customers, that the over complications of the Uphold Wallet are leaving folk with mental health and anxiety level issues. This after rattling the neck of who ever came up with the design of their stupid, stupid, dumba** garbage Wallet. 

Rant Off/

Update 22nd September 2020

Today I found that Uphold still has a ridiculous system and some very high fees despite a recent update... Just simplify things Uphold, the process us laborious.

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