Crypto Love Island - Episode 1

By XTRM™ | Offbeat | 4 Jul 2020

I must have been binge watching way too much reality trash TV... Hence the article headline I decided to use for this blog post.

I got to thinking about the laws of attraction, and what could be birthed if the right couple got hitched in the Cryptocurrency world. 

The following Cryptocurrencies do not exist - but the future could prove different... In concept. So today I will be pairing off six of the leading crypto in hope of a beautiful future, blessing us all with many lovely tokens. 


The Power couple Bitcoin and Ethereum have to be the top drawer contenders if a marriage was to happen between the pair. Imagine what could become of a two-pronged Proof of Stake, Proof of Work Token with the power of both the Bitcoin and Ethereum communities and users...

Theoretically with such a huge community on both sides of each token and the scope of business, investments and crypto tools between BTC and ETH... A proof of Stake marriage with attached Smart Contract would be something to behold - A token of this magnitude could see it easily hit third spot on the Crypto Charts... Maybe even take over from ETH in second place. What would be the possibilities be with Bitreum (BXE)?

Marriage Value: USD $250.00 per Token


Imagine if you like, TRON and DASH hooked up on Crypto Love Island? It could be argued with a name that becomes TRASH, it would be hard to come up with a concept that does anything but flutter around the edges of every mining pool at speed, producing offspring at a ridiculous rate of transactions - I think we could definitely see a token that has a dual personality in terms of value.

However TRON the decentralised crypto, has one of the largest blockchains of all tokens, DASH having one of the fastest transaction speeds and being a child of Bitcoin could prove this marriage to be anything else other than Trash.

Marriage Value: USD $5.25 per Token


Two tokens starting to break away from the pack in the Top-100 list are Ox, the Peer-to-Peer experts, and the opensource blockchain Digibyte, both Cryptocurrencies have been dabbling in new markets, delving into Dapp territory and scaling up operations in their own Ecosystems - but wait, we have a marriage to perform... DigiOx is now hitched and ready to go.

DigiOx would become a fast transacting, fully scaleable token with a huge network to boot - transactions would have superior security for digital assets, with a team of innovators ready to branch out into some fascinating Decentralised Applications in a wide ranging ecosystem. DigiOx could lead smart Contract Technology and Peer-to-Peer Exchange systems into a bright future. 

Marriage Value: USD $0.11280 per Token

Note: Bitreum, Trash and DigiOx are purely fictional tokens.

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