Stack of Stake - The Staking Masternodes of Mostly Unknown Coins but have High ROIs

Stack of Stake - The Staking Masternodes of Mostly Unknown Coins but have High ROIs

By msimyunn | OFF TOPIC | 2 Nov 2019


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What is Stack of Stake?

StackOfStake is an online staking masternodes for mostly new Proof-of-Stake coins.  According to its FAQ, it is a fully automatic shared masternode service. All operations for masternodes management and maintenance are performed on its powerful backend, and the results are displaying in clean and understandable form. 

Additionally, the advantage of StackOfStake are full operation automation; instant masternode join; instant coins withdraw;no deposit and withdraw fee; auto-reinvest feature; no minimum deposit / masternode join coins amount; and receiving rewards from any amount of coins.


What are the Supported Coins and its ROI?

Below are the supported coins and its returned of investment.

Roi Daily Profit Roi Daily Profit 3DCoin (3DC) 54.41 % Midas (MIDAS) 64.94 % Altmarkets (ALTM)   Monkey Project (MONK) 139.43 % Apollon Network (XAP) 118.60 % NavCoin (NAV)   BARE (BARE) 334.36 % Neblio (NEBL)   Bitcoin Incognito (XBI) 65.01 % NPCcoin (NPC) 1,615.25 % ColossusXT (COLX)   Peony (PNY) 527.64 % Dash Diamond (DASHD) 1,135.11 % Polis (POLIS) 47.07 % Delion Project (DLN) 3.39 % Quantis (QUAN) 391.21 % Denarius (D) 0.00 % Rapids (RPD) 38.13 % Divi Project (DIVI) 240.69 % RDCToken (RDCT) 41.04 % Dynamic (DYN) 8.11 % ReddCoin (RDD)   Energi (NRG)   RepMe (RPM) 0.00 % ESBC (ESBC) 8.16 % Scriv (SCRIV) 21.22 % FindYour Developer (FYD) 219.17 % Sierra (SIERRA) 44.04 % Fivebalance (FBN) 165.32 % Social Send (SEND) 80.35 % GenesisX (XGS)   SpectrumX (SPE) 104.02 % Green Cash (GCASH) 93.83 % Spider VPS (SPDR) 32.49 % GreenPay Coin (GPC) 1,051.04 % StakeShare (SSX) 341.39 % Jackpot (777) 919.34 % Stipend (SPD) 17.07 % KnowYour Developer (KYD) 147.06 % StreamIt (STREAM) 151.59 % KuboCoin (KUBO)   Vulcano (VULC) 91.60 % Livenodes (LNO) 69.90 % ZCore (ZCR) 83.43 %


How to Join?

Joining is very easy, just go to the website and register. 


How to Stake?

Just deposit any of the coins you want to stake, when the transaction confirm, the balance is shown on your coin. Then you staking begun.




Happy staking!!!!


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