Crypto Treasures: A fun Way of Introducing Cryptocurrency to a Neophyte.

Crypto Treasures: A fun Way of Introducing Cryptocurrency to a Neophyte.

By msimyunn | OFF TOPIC | 6 Oct 2019


This is the first of series of Online World: Money Beyond Social Media and Mobile (and Computer) Games.

For the uninitiated readers, please do research on cryptocurrencies. One of my favorite online mobile game that incentivize its users is crypto treasure. The game can be played by hunting dozens of cryptocurrencies from of opening treasure boxes. Players only need from this game is google game account and this can only be played online through your phone.


The Gold
The gold can be earned through playing the color wheel and rock-paper-scissor, both can be played on the app.  Also it can be earned on playing another app called crypto pirates. Other ways are completing tasks (like daily quest) or offers as shown on the cave.  It can be earned on viewing ads too. The golds are used in buying items.


The Treasure Box
The boxes can be obtained by attracting using magnet and can be opened using crypto keys. Both can be bought at the shop using gold. Various items can be taken on opening treasure box; keys or magnet, gold, PHM, XP and/or pacthes.


Phoneum (PHM) is an ERC-20 token that can be mined from another mobile app, using the google game account that you used in crypto cave.  The PHM can also be earned from opening the treasure boxes. Currently PHM is traded on Latoken Exchange.


Crypto Cave
The following can be found in crypto cave: The wallet, quests, patch badges treasures, guide, offers, invite a friend, bury a treasure, and transactions.

The Wallet
The wallet contains twenty currencies such as Phoneum (PHM), Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, EOS, Stellar Lumens,  Tron, Dogecoin, The Currency Analytics, Telos Coin, Turtlecoin, AgentMile, Krosscoin, Natmin, Gric Coin, RPICoin, Spotcoin, Wispr and Cryptyk.


Patch Badge Treasures
When lucky charm is activated during opening of treasure boxes, a player can earn extra coin or patch badges.  If all ten badges are found, a price of 10000 gold, XP and PHM.



Various quests can be found the quests tab, on answering the quest a player can earn gold, xp and/or patch badge.






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