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Failing Forward

Something interesting happened to me these last two months. 

I was introduced to a freelance job that I was really interested in. As a freelancer, this was a really great opportunity to do social media marketing for a product that I liked. There seemed to be a broad base of subject points that I could write articles on, providing high quality content, there was opportunity to do design work which I have been itching to get back into. 

Perhaps it was my enthusiasm that turned out to be my downfall. I worked very hard at all aspects of improving the product website, design work, copy editing etc., but the owner was exceptionally unimpressed with every aspect. 

I deemed this as failure. I wrote about it in my journal, I thought about it, I spoke about it, but the sinking feeling of failure just didn't seem to want to leave. 

Then a funny thing happened. I watched a few videos about failure and it completely changed my perspective. 


There is no point in ruminating on it and making yourself feel horrible, especially if you put in your best effort. The positive way to deal with feelings of failure is to accept the feeling, then find the blessing within the experience - the lessons learned and draw an action plan of how you would do things differently next time. 

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts - Winston Churchill


Failing forward is what I took away from this experience. You can only deem it real failure if you fail to move forward. I think so many people suffer from not wanting to fail to the point of being completely paralyzed - what is it in society that taught us at some young age that failing is so, so bad?  Surely if babies had this view from birth, they wouldn't learn to crawl or walk or run or talk? Yet, they are still learning these things all because they don't give up, they don't only try once and then throw in the towel. 


An essential aspect of creativity is not being afraid to fail - Edwin Land


So even in the darkest days where we feel that things are not what they could be, the real success is having the courage to stand up after being knocked down and to try again. 

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