Staking Loopring (LRC) Just Got A LOT Easier! Step by Step Guide
Stake LRC

Staking Loopring (LRC) Just Got A LOT Easier! Step by Step Guide

We've all read the articles recently on how to stake our Loopring tip earnings and I have to give it to the people that figured it out, I am very impressed. The article I linked above was very well written and detailed, but the process to stake LRC, to say the least, is daunting beyond belief for the average Crypto user.

Well thanks to Nolan Vanmoortel staking has just gotten a lot easier! I'll run through a quick step-by-step guide on how to do so, it is extremely easy now to get those juicy passive earnings on our LRC. If you're not sure what staking is, to prevent this article from getting too cluttered there's a nice explanation here that goes into detail on not just what staking is but how it works.

First Step: Wallet

Currently the wallets supported by this app are MetaMask, Ledger, Trezor, WalletConnect, Authereum and Fortmatic. For the sake of this guide I'll be using MetaMask as I recently used that for my post about my first trade on If you don't have a wallet there's a great guide here that goes into depth of how to setup a wallet to withdraw your Publish0x earnings.


Once you've got your wallet sorted head over to

Second Step: Connect Your Wallet

This is pretty simple for MetaMask, I simply clicked the MetaMask icon on the website - It asked for my password and I was connected and good to go. I assume this was made a bit easier due to the fact that I had recently made a trade on Loopring.IO and connected to the Ethereum network. For the other types of wallets you may have to enter login information or other assorted info to get it connected.

Third Step: Stake Your Funds

This is the best part of this UI, click the "Stake" button. The "Claim" and "Withdraw" buttons will be locked for the time being due to Loopring's staking period being 90 days. 


Choose the amount you'd like to stake


Then Approve it via your wallet, there was a small transaction fee - About $0.04


You'll then click the Stake button, another Approval window will come up. A small gas fee will be charged and you'll have successfully staked your LRC! Quite a bit easier than what it was even a day or two ago!


Just a quick guide and awareness post here so people know there's an easier way to stake your LRC. I hope you enjoyed! Thanks for following, tipping and liking the post:)

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