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5,000+ Twitter GAWs, what's wrong with me

I Entered 5,000+ Crypto Twitter Giveaways..Here's What I Earned

You've probably seen the accounts on Twitter that will send out tweets that say something like "If you follow "x person" and retweet this, one person will get "x amount of dollars". Have you ever wondered what the chances are to win just one of those giveaways? Well no need to wonder anymore. I once again decided to torture myself and took the last three weeks to enter over 5,000 Crypto Twitter giveaways. Below is what I earned and learned..

What's a Twitter Giveaway?

For the uninitiated a Twitter Giveaway is when an account will run a promotion to increase sales, engagement or followers - They usually involve paying a randomly selected winner in some form of currency for liking/retweeting/following a specific person.

The majority of giveaways I entered for this were for Giveaway accounts that paid in Crypto, accounts that already have a decent size following (Usually 6,000+ followers) and charge people to promote their account (increase followers). An example Giveaway tweet is below -

Most Giveaway winners are chosen through Pickaw, which is an app that will randomly select a person based on certain criteria (Has Retweeted, Is Following, Etc.) 

What I Earned

Overall I won seven giveaways and earned ~$12.50. 

$2.50 BTC, $8 ETH, $0.20 XP, $0.70 PIVX, $1.27 ZIL

I also earned 3 account suspensions on my alt and 3 successful appeals lol

What I Learned

While entering Giveaways is not exactly the most profitable thing to be doing with your spare time (unless you're this guy and make a bot to enter the giveaways for you) it did open my eyes to just how many scammers are on Twitter and how much potential Twitter has for marketing Crypto. I saw the rapid ascent of ZIL due in large part to the hype they were able to create through Twitter campaigns. I also was able to see why some coins that have so much potential remain dormant in their adoption. Which is due in large part to their lack of effort in the Social Media field.

I also met some pretty cool people along the way (In the comments I've made a list of the legit Crypto Twitter Giveaway accounts I've found), and met some not so cool people. But most of all I learned even more that the #1 way to earn income is to create quality content. The majority of my giveaways won were due to me coming up with a response to a community event that the organizer liked. Money can be made for creating a small amount of value like retweeting and following someone but chances and income will usually be much higher for creating something valuable. Now would I do this again? Probably, I think these giveaways are a great way to keep an eye on the Crypto Communities that show promise but right now I'm excited to just turn off my notifications for a little bit..

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed doing the legwork and research for it. Check out my (non-giveaway) Twitter if you want to see me struggle to figure out how it works -

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