Why MiceRace is Considered among the Most Promising Gambling Platforms?

By nejibens | Observe ICO | 12 Sep 2019

We are talking today about Micerace, a crypto gambling project having the potential to reach the highest levels of success in the near future, since its features and benefits are already attracting many crypto gamblers and investors.

1. The features of Micerace:
Basically, Minerace is the world's first real-time 24/7 mouse racing gambling platform. In fact, the platform is running for almost 9 months (since January 2019). The Micerace ecosystem have already so many advantages compared to similar gambling platforms, including low maintenance cost, and being online and fully working 24/7, and the elimination of the big track to function, unlike a lot of horse racing and dog racing platforms. Also, the monthly cost of the operators is very low (around 4800$) and this feature is helping to make most resources of the platform dedicated to the gamblers essentially. In addition, the betting system of Micerace is using live animals, so the system can't be manipulated by the platform or the house in any way. The project is also providing more than 12.4k cameras around the track/room/cages to track the moves of the race and the mice. This feature is really awesome, because it is increasing the level of confidence between the platform and the gamblers.


2. The token (MIRA):
The ICO is running actually for a month ( 10 September-10 October 2019), and you have the opportunity to buy MIRA tokens with your ETH, at the price of 1.2$. The softcap amount is reasonable and not really high (1017 ETH). The tokens will benefit the investors in many ways, including receiving monthly returns with their investments. With the investment of 1 ETH, for example, the expected monthly income will be approximately €19,09. So the ICO sale is indeed a good opportunity to make a stable income in the long run.


3. Team and Whitepaper:
The team of Micerace is composed of experienced and talented developers, having a good knowledge and experience about crypto gambling. The authenticity of each member can be verified easily by visiting his LinkedIn or Facebook profile already published on the website. Regarding the whitepaper, it is also available on the website, and composed of 20 pages explaining almost everything about the platform, the roadmap, the ICO sale, and the token.



Useful links:

The website: https://micerace.com/

The whitepaper: https://ico.micerace.com/assets/whitepaper.pdf



Bitcointalk profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=340012

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