MITOSHI: The Next Generation of Online Gaming and Crypto-Lotteries!

By nejibens | Observe ICO | 18 Aug 2019

The industry of online gaming and crypto-lotteries is going forward day per day almost. We noticed recently a new and promising project called Mitoshi, and we think it have the potential to reach success, since it has so many attractive features. 

1. The features of Mitoshi:

Mitoshi is, basically, a crypto lotto powered by the blockchain and using smart contracts. The Mitoshi platform is expected to be completely transparent and fair offering the players the opportunity to enjoy their gaming safely and with ease. The platform is going to be accessible for everyone around the world, and it will be unique and different since it is implementing the blockchain technology (smart contracts). The community of Mitoshi Crypto Lotto is going to be decentralized, owned by the Internet community. In addition, Mitoshi will have a widespread lineup of lottery draws, and each draw will offer massive payouts for its winners. Mitoshi is also planning to allocate millions of free tokens for airdrops, rewards, and bounty. 

The integration of blockchain technology into this gaming platform will make Mitoshi even more transparent and really fair for all players. The blockchain technology decentralizes the chances, and make the lottery more accessible for everyone around the globe. Mitoshi is going to use the Ethereum smart contracts, which will guarantee the transparency of the game for everyone, and will make the lottery more secure and easily accessible for everyone having access to the Internet, either by PC or smartphones. 


2. The Mitoshi Token (MTSH):

the Mitoshi token (MTSH) is utility token, the token sale started on 15 June 2019, and the IEO is actually live on Exmarkets, the token is expected to be listed for trading on the same exchange, on 21 August 2019, and that's in fact a great milestone already reached. the token is expected to become really useful for the users of Mitoshi platform, since the Mitoshi lottery can only be purchased through Mitoshi tokens and will be priced at 1 Mitoshi coin per ticket. Here are the details of the token sale:



3. The Mitoshi Application:

Also, Mitoshi will build an App to access the Mitoshi platform. The application is going to hold all capabilities to join each draw and to navigate through other gaming opportunities provided by the Mitoshi platform. The application will be available for IOS and Android smartphones. The App will be useful to purchase the lotto tickets easily.



4.Team and Whitepaper:

Mitoshi project is directed by a large and experienced team of devs and advisors, almost all members of the team have links to their profile LinkedIn published already on the website. The whitepaper is also technically detailed, explaining almost everything about the project, the token usability and sale, and the coming Mitoshi platform.



Useful Links:

The website: 

The Whitepaper:

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