Authoreon: Protecting Authenticity and Trust

By nejibens | Observe ICO | 22 Aug 2019

We are talking today about Authoreon, one of the most successful projects specialized in protecting authenticity and trust. Authoreon was founded in April 2017, and launched an ICO in the same year ( 19 Aug-31 Dec) which was successful and raised $1.5M to cover the development costs. Actually, the project is working and the product is available.

1. The Products: 

The main product is the A-ID, the first machine that enables users to verify, authorize, authenticate or certify any identity or asset. The A-ID is available for everyone around the world having access to the Internet, and a PC or Smartphone (working on Android and IoS). In addition, Authoreon is currently building its own In-App dApp store.

Also, Authoreon have another useful product, which is Authoreon Nanolense. That is a hardware extension for any mobile phone, and it is able to capture and verify microscans. It is basically allowing consumers to authenticate genuine luxury products, without spending a lot of money on RFID/NFC chips.

The A-ID can be also used to verify the authenticity of a retailer. If the retailer is using the A-ID and displaying his A-ID in his online or offline shop, the consumer can scan to see for which brands the retailer was authorized.



2. AUN Token:

Authoreon's token ( AUN) is utility token, and it is already listed on several exchanges, including Forkdelta, Idex, TokenJar. The token's price can be easily tracked in CoinGecko. You need the AUN tokens to access certain functionalities of the platform ( registering a new asset, transferring an asset..).

3. Team and Whitepaper:

The project is backed by a large group of devs and advisors. The team members are talented and experienced enough (you can easily visit the LinkedIn profile of each member of the team to verify their authenticity). That is, in fact, another good sign showing the potential of this project. Also, the whitepaper is available on the website, it is explaining almost everything about the project, the product, and the token.



Useful links:

The website:

ANN thread: 



Bitcointalk username: djkyno

Bitcointalk profile:;u=340012

ETH address: 0x682f11E8d2B01653F468914859fd33B5Fa624522

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