Face the Hydra! (Enslavement of Man: The extent of the mass programming) - Part 4

By ACLcrptpnk | OBSCURION OPEN SOCIETY | 11 Mar 2021

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Since the mid-1600s, strong leaders were deposed (in Europe, the fall of de Gaulle marked the first color revolution), government authority is increasingly de-legitimized (UN, EU and Euro creation). International mafias and cartels are leading covert warfare, submitting populations through terror while providing them with jobs in a context of weakening government authority. NGO's are also an imperialist tool to subvert nation states through social engineering, and there are also entire bibliographies treating this subject alone.  

The nation-states were among the first structures to be broken, Nationalism once being the scourge of Society. This has come full circle, as patriotism has been perverted, and not supporting a one nation, one culture, one language has become a fringe credo in the post-modern circles.   You have not heard of our national poet Mihai Eminescu, but did you know he has written about 150 articles denouncing the mechanisms of the powers that be, that were poised to grab the nation by the nuts? Did you know the he is a founding member of a secretive society, Carpatii, with the goal of ridding the Romanian people from foreign influence?  

„Have we not forgotten that the love of country is not the love of the furrow, of the dust, but the love of the past?” (Mihai Eminescu)  

The oligopoly and monopoly of tech companies has been a subject of public debate lately (not enough, in my opinion), with Google, Facebook, Amazon all infringing on privacy of citizens, and this is a talking point in its own. Just put this information into the context with all these other aspects of control. The system they created promotes the narcissist and doormats the empath. Demons at mahogany desks and angels in the ghetto.  


Coming back with how control works, and its counterpart (controlled opposition), everything from Multiculturalism (homogeneous like minded society with no identities to cling to and rebel about), Critical Theory, Frankfurt School, Radical jurisprudence (Brandeis, one of its founders, was a known lobbyist for Israel's creation WAY BEFORE FIRST WORLD WAR, this subject alone is so fishy and documented, and it ties in with so many other pieces of puzzle) and now to large-scale, non-selective immigration policies that fueled even more the divide they created between humans. The extent of the control is being carefully masked using mainstream media silence and selective news reporting, and other neurolinguistics programming techniques. Some small fact that passed my mind just now: In 1990 there were over 5000 owners of American media. Now there are 9. Bill Clinton changed the laws allowing them all to be owned by other companies through surrogates and this is how they control American programming.  

Coming back to our national poet, after several nights of scouring information about the man he was, I am fully suspecting he was aware of the mass programming. His poem "Glossa", is the closest thing to a religious text for me, and I find it strikingly similar to the old, Stoic philosophy that I was actively trying to apply to my existence.   The poem is more like an ethical code of a spiritual warrior man which offers teachings to people, based on self-knowledge and on his philosophical experiences. The poem is also a reflection, containing universally valid truths, therefore incontestable.

Eminescu is said to have delved into a delicate exegesis of the condition of man with regard to time, but knowing the context and times that surrounded him at the moment he wrote it is maybe a clue that Eminescu had some dirt about the writers of reality, and used art/symbolism to subconsciously expedite the real message. Strong suggestion you read this poem and witness its alchemical power. I will leave the best translation I have found at the bottom of this post. Even if you are not into poetry, it conveys the same message as I have been trying to express for these past days.  


Epstein's case is a rare example of what the really really really powerful people are all about, at the head of the Hydra, and there might be some more of you that want to know more but don't have the necessary time to do so. Why was Bill Clinton in the same plane with Epstein, going to his pedo island? More than 30 times? Why do you not care about these people? If it was your sister that was a victim of the cult, would you care? Their end goal, through practicing this cult, is finally becoming Gods. You can ask me in private how they are planning this, as I do not really want to post everything I know in one shot, as these really are secrets they keep from the public, so they can use all this information and power in the future.

What I have spoken of now is just the tip of the iceberg, as some of some things I brushed upon sit at at the highest degrees of knowledge in freemasonry lodge meetings, and again I am being very careful with my words. Awareness is the key and the main weapon of the tiny, silent, Resistance that has been building up around the world by spirit warriors working at the peripheries of consciousness. Fight the Hydra!  

Next post I will be trying to delve into the occult as much as I can, as I really don't feel comfortable uncovering their millenia-old occult practices.


GLOSSA by Mihai Eminescu

Time goes by, time comes along,
All is old and all is new;
What is right and what is wrong,
You must think and ask of you;
Have no hope and have no fear,
Waves that rise can never hold;
If they urge or if they cheer,
You remain aloof and cold.

To our sight a lot will glisten,
Many sounds will reach our ear;
Who could take the time to listen
And remember all we hear?
Keep aside from all that patter,
Seek yourself, far from the throng
When with loud and idle clatter
Time goes by, time comes along.

Nor forget the tongue of reason
Or its even scales depress
When the moment, changing season,
Wears the mask of happiness -
It is born of reason's slumber
And may last a wink as true:
For the one who knows its number
All is old and all is new.

Be as to a play, spectator,
As the world unfolds before:
You will know the heart of matter
Should they act two parts or four;
When they cry or tear asunder
From your seat enjoy along
And you'll learn from art to wonder
What is right and what is wrong.

Past and future, ever blending,
Are the twin sides of same page:
New start will begin with ending
When you know to learn from age;
All that was or be tomorrow
We have in the present, too;
But what's vain and futile sorrow
You must think and ask of you;

For the living cannot sever
From the means we've always had:
Now, as years ago, and ever,
Men are happy or are sad:
Other masks, same play repeated;
Diff'rent tongues, same words to hear;
Of your dreams so often cheated,
Have no hope and have no fear.

Hope not when the villains cluster
By success and glory drawn:
Fools with perfect lack of luster
Will outshine Hyperion!
Fear it not, they'll push each other
To reach higher in the fold,
Do not side with them as brother,
Waves that rise can never hold.

Sounds of siren songs call steady
Toward golden nets, astray;
Life attracts you into eddies
To change actors in the play;
Steal aside from crowd and bustle,
Do not look, seem not to hear
From your path, away from hustle,
If they urge or if they cheer;

If they reach for you, go faster,
Hold your tongue when slanders yell;
Your advice they cannot master,
Don't you know their measure well?
Let them talk and let them chatter,
Let all go past, young and old;
Unattached to man or matter,
You remain aloof and cold.

You remain aloof and cold
If they urge or if they cheer;
Waves that rise can never hold,
Have no hope and have no fear;
You must think and ask of you
What is right and what is wrong;
All is old and all is new,
Time goes by, time comes along.


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