Brave enough to face the Hydra?

Face the Hydra! (Enslavement of Man: Introduction)

By ACLcrptpnk | OBSCURION OPEN SOCIETY | 28 Feb 2021

I read a story some day, that one dad brought his son to a Superbowl game, VIP seats of course. He told his son:

"We aren't here to look at the game, but rather to look out at all those people. All of them owe you money."

What do you people need to see to consider proof of the enslavement of human society by a few insane cultists? Because I have more than 20 parts of this series than I have almost finished writing, (I have a OneNote document with probably enough esoteric information to fit in a national library of a small sized country) after more than 10 years of silently and methodically collecting real proof, using credible sources, with entire libraries of books backing up every single paragraph. I am now sticking out my head out the window and yelling "I AM AS MAD AS HELL, AND I CANNOT TAKE IT ANYMORE" , like this famous movie scene from the movie "Network", which is mandatory view for anyone brave enough to face the Hydra and needs a testosterone boost.

The path of studying the social structure of humanity is ever-changing, the dictate "the more you know, the less you know" becoming more apparent with each facet of reality I am dipping my toes into, but my polymath tendencies allowed me to delve into hardcore, heady subjects like ancient and medieval history, study of cults and secretive organizations, study of religions, obsessing over how the economical machine works and maintains the illusion of "money", World Wars and geopolitical actualities, etymology and language, studying tribes and creation myths around the world, and later on gravitating to more esoteric logos like ancient cosmology, philosophy, theosophy, interpretation of occult texts and especially through the study of symbols I am now confident enough to state that I broke through the pains of cognitive dissonance, and I am preparing to leave Plato's Cave.

"It is our duty to bring our fellow man to the light. You must work around those that ridicule, and start with those clouded with doubt, who are unsure what to believe in. I can only assume as you become the wiser you can even convert those who love to ridicule such ideas."
- Plato

My accumulation of knowledge was made possible by using the "superpower" of critical thinking, which I initially employed as an agent of skepticism, and also through my innate curiosity. Open-mindedness is nowadays an empty word which people stopped using correctly some generations ago, so I won't even go there. But most importantly and vital to this truth warrior lifestyle I have employed, while most of you worked 9 to 5 jobs in their youth, or read inconsequential fiction literature before starting to question everything you know about reality and what you have been taught, or focusing on your career growth (I am not judging by the way, I was lucky to have my mother not kicking me out of the house), building a family, or wasting time with some elaborate form of panem et circensis, all these hermit years, I have been reading, watching, observing.

Reading, watching and observing extensively, to the point of obsession, as my incipient vision was at first to know something about everything. Also, I have been reading and watching every single conspiracy theory out there. And I am so careful with my words. Every single one. I will be expecting trolls, 0 comments and 2 likes, or at least some pedantic commentators, which fail to see the bigger picture and cling themselves to whatever tribe (belief system) they are making themselves a part of. But I really hope we are breaking the glass here, since this is the most important subject in the world of humans, and I am the most open for debate as I have ever been.

A great, painful direct effect of this mass control is that our ancient, true history has been rewritten, and this is the second most important subject that humanity should be concerned with, as this is also an integral part of esoteric and masonic knowledge they held away from the plebs. Why? Small hint, ancient astrology (pre 3000 BC) is strongly connected to cyclic cosmic events that happen periodically in Earth's lifetime. This will be the subject that I will tackle frontally in my next blog post of this series, as I unleash the logos.
  Thank you for your curiosity, especially this being a post that did not mention blockchain or any cryptocurrency.
This series will continue, as it has 20 parts, and the few that Brave the Hydra will be at least a step closer to the Truth.

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