Dystopia is looming over (Why I don't trust trans-humanists like Elon Musk)


Did you notice how spread is the Trans-Humanist sentiment between intelligent people these days? The majority is ready to accept a government-aided mass-implementation of cybernetic/nano-metric devices that can equally help advance society and entrapping it into an interconnected cyberpunk corporate world of the future. Already conditioned to take the leap of faith, we are now at the mercy of our leaders, with utopia and dystopia looming over our heads. Half visionary futurism, half manufacturing consent. 


I am carefully following the evolution of man-machine integration, because to me it smells like a dystopia of entrapment waiting to happen with no recourse of escape. Acquiescing is just another term for giving up due to the limitations of the perceived materiality of things. Our spirits are not supposed to be trapped in the material world nor the limitations imposed by it. Acquiescence is what they want, and this total integrated synthesis is just giving up the power to change the order in exchange of expedited solutions that have no guarantee of its consequences on the continuity of freedom. This is like betting the future on uncertain hands, and such a great bet it is. It’s like people saying “fuck me, take me away from here” but they don’t know the price they are paying. Digital certificates, Neuralink, tracking movement and vaccine/medical history data, rfid chips for buy/sell, eliminating cash and eventually credit cards. These are the talking points of our era, and not enough scrutiny is placed on these possible instruments of control. 

As always, improvement in technology does not equal improvement of human condition, unless you insert the element of control. In that case, that’s just a losing gamble humanity should not enter. We’re already powerful as we are, we just have to wake up. 

For this reason and similar ones, I decided to start an open society at r/OBSCURION, open to polymaths, visionaries, and erudites of all kind. Civilization is broken, we might as well start an intellectual and spiritual revolution. Cultural hackers, aiming for constant sabotage of the obsolete model of the reality which we commonly agree upon, through discrete (or not), subversive counter-cultural interventions. Language is the mother of reality, and we can hack it, since it is theoretically and practically, a code. Through memetics, corporations and governments use social engineering to maintain the status quo of our society (of the spectacle). There are ways to fight these systems, and exchanging revolutionary ideas (blockchain will change the world) is an incubator of good ideas.

“I live on Earth at present, and I don’t know what I am. I know that I am not a category. I am not a thing — a noun. I seem to be a verb, an evolutionary process – an integral function of the universe.”― R. Buckminster Fuller

Civilization is a system of systems, it is not an impenetrable bunker which we cannot fuck with, we can infiltrate most of these little systems that comprises it, using the Hydra's social engineering structures against them.

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