5 facts about the human body

By STAB1995 | Organs and how they work | 15 Feb 2021

For me it's always interesting to read about facts. I love them. especially if they are about the human body. Here are 5 facts about the human body.

Snot is useful
Nobody likes a snotty nose right? We have it when we are sick, but did you know it's very useful. Snot prevents dust and (other) pollution from entering your nose and then your airways. Snot also helps keep your airways from drying out. Amazing right?

Barf, Stripfiguren, Groene, Ziek, Slijm

A vagina is as sour as a tomato
Did you know that the average pH level of a vagina is around 4 to 5. Tomatoes also have a pH level of 4-5.

Tomaten, Vruchten, Voedsel, Rode Tomaten

The nail of the middle finger grows the fastest
I don't know 100% for sure if this is true. I read it once and payed some attention to it. 

Nail Art, Nagels, Nail Design, Manicuren

On average people can take longer without sleep than food. Sleep: The scientifically documented record is 11 days 25 minutes. This record of someone without sleep is held by Randy Gardner. Food: If we rely on the data available on hunger strikers, you can go 46 to 73 days without food before you die. How long you can last depends in part on how much body fat you have.

                                                                                        Salade, Vruchten, Bessen, Gezonde

Your eyes stop growing when you are 3 years old
Most of us know that the nose and ears become bigger till we are older, but did you know that your eyes stop growing till we are 3 years old? Weird right?

Oog, Iris, Look, Focus, Groene, Close-Up

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Organs and how they work
Organs and how they work

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