5 amazing facts about the Interstitium (new organ in the body)

By STAB1995 | Organs and how they work | 11 Mar 2021

In my other post I have written about our new organ 'the Interstitium'. What this new organ is, where it lies and what the function is. After I finished my post I realized that I could write way more about this new organ, but a post that is long and has a lot of information could become boring quite quickly. Thats why this new post will have 5 small facts about the Interstitium.

#1 The name Interstitium comes from the latin words INTER and SISTERE. INTER meaning 'between' and SISTERE meaning 'to place'. So Interstitium means 'between the other places'.


#2 The Interstitium was discovered in 2018 by Benias et al. Link


#3The Interstitium weighs about 20% of your body weight.


#4 The Interstitium is our largest organ


#5 The Interstitium may play a key role in the functions of all major tissues and organs: Link


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Organs and how they work
Organs and how they work

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