Simplifying Blockchain - Part Two

By Numio | Numio | 10 Jun 2020

In Part 1 of this series we presented a general overview of how Numio simplifies the blockchain experience. In this post we will take a more detailed look at a couple of features we have included within the Numio Pay mobile app.

What is it?

Numio Pay is a cryptocurrency payments app that lets you easily and quickly send money to friends and family or make in-store purchases.


What additional features does it offer?

Payments without the headache

This one needs some explaining but in simple terms Numio takes away the big blockchain headache of having to calculate and pay fees. It does this by doing all the hard work in the background.

What do you mean?

Numio works on a blockchain known as Ethereum. When you make a payment on the Ethereum blockchain you have to pay a fee in Ethereum. It doesn’t matter what cryptocurrency you are sending, the fee has to be paid in Ethereum.

To do this in traditional apps you have two choices.

  • You trust a third party to hold your money and make the payment for you — often at a large markup.
  • You buy and hold Ethereum in your wallet and use this to pay the fee — after you have worked out how much you actually need to pay. This means you have to buy another currency, often too much for what you actually need, and you end up paying multiple fees.

Numio lets you store your own money while we automatically make the fee payment for you in the currency you are sending*.

It’s the best of both worlds.

*this is done by a system known as metatransactions.

Multiple Layers of Security

Accounts are only as secure as you make them and that means using strong passwords. The problem is that people are bad at thinking up secure passwords and that’s why all online services should be using Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) as standard.

What is 2FA?

In simple terms Two-Factor Authentication is a second layer of security, on top of a password, that you must complete to access a system. This article from 2FA provider, Authy, goes into more detail on common types of 2FA and and how they work-

Although more secure than a simple password, traditional 2FA is an old technology that can be still be hacked or phished relatively easily, allowing thieves to access your accounts. On top of that traditional 2FA apps use separate codes for each login which complicates the user experience.

Again, if it’s complicated people won’t use it.


Numio 2FA is different. Firstly it uses blockchain authentication* which is a lot more secure than traditional 2FA. Secondly, it gets rid of searching through and typing in codes, instead using your fingerprint (or face-id) to log into your online accounts.

Easier to use and more secure than the other options — there is no excuse not to use Numio 2FA.

*we also offer traditional 2FA options such as Google and Authy


Join us for Part 3 where we will look at the Numio Vault web app in more detail.

Your Identity, Your Money


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