Simplifying Blockchain - Part one

Simplifying Blockchain - Part one

By Numio | Numio | 9 Jun 2020

Blockchain and crypto can change the world but there is still a big barrier to widespread adoption - if it’s too complicated, people won’t use it.

Of course there are third party solutions that make things easier, but these are not in keeping with the original ethos of decentralization, instead relying on centralized third parties to hold your crypto. Current decentralized crypto apps, where you are in control of your money, require a level of technical knowledge that most people just aren't interested in learning, and while that is the case adoption will remain a pipe dream.

It doesn't have to be that way. We want everyone to have the chance to benefit from the security and financial freedom offered by decentralized blockchain- in convenient, easy-to-use products.

Making Blockchain Accessible

In this series of posts we will go into a bit more detail about the apps we build, problems they solve, what security features they offer, and how they make your life easier.

We realise that our messaging needs to be the same. Blockchain and cryptocurrency needs easy-to-understand messaging as well as easy-to-use products. That is why we describe everything in plain English, and if that just isn’t possible, we make an effort to explain any technical jargon.

Simplicity is Key

From creating an account to making a payment, everything about Numio products must be simple. We don’t want people to fall at the first hurdle, so we stripped down the design and usability to be as friendly as possible.


It’s not that our apps are basic. It’s just that we have put all the complicated stuff in the background, so you don’t have to deal with it.

Streamlined Logins

A recent LinkedIn post suggests that many popular banking apps take up to 120 clicks to make an account. We think this is too many. This is why we cut account creation down to just a few clicks.

All our apps are linked as well, so when you create an account on one app you automatically have access to the others. This means that access to any Numio product lies at the simple touch of a button, and not behind multiple login pages.

Easy To Remember Accounts

Cryptocurrency and blockchain apps have never been known for their simplicity. That’s why we have stopped using long, complicated, account numbers that look like this…


… and create unique, short, and easy to remember account numbers for you instead.

Security is Paramount

All Numio accounts are encrypted and secured within the Numio mobile app at the touch of a button (or by using face-id). This same technology allows you to swiftly recover accounts if you lose access.

Secure Your Online Identity

How many times have you had to send your name, address, Date of Birth, driving license, a selfie and a utility bill to a company for verifying your identity? Do you know who has access to this information or how it will be used? Hopefully it will be safe, but you can never be totally sure that you won’t end up the victim of identity theft.

With Numio you don’t have to send all your personal information to companies when signing up for accounts, meaning you can be sure that your digital identity is safe.

How does this work?

  • You confirm your identity with a trusted third party via the Numio app.
  • The third party verifies your identity and proof of that verification is held in the app — it cannot be edited.
  • When you want to sign up to a partner exchange or website you confirm your identity with a simple touch of the Numio app.
  • The information sent to the company holds no personally identifiable information that can be used in identity theft.
  • This allows for instant account creation rather than waiting for a long review process.

The Apps

Join us for Part 2 where we will look at the Numio Pay mobile app in more detail.

Your Identity, Your Money



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We make crypto easy by building payment and storage applications that anyone can use -


At Numio, we believe it’s time that everyone has access to the benefits of blockchain — such as security and financial freedom — in convenient, easy-to-use products. Whether you want to buy a pizza or pay a friend back, you need to be able to do this in the easiest way possible. So that’s what we do. We make crypto easy by building payment and storage applications that anyone can use.

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