Rewards Announcement of the Q3 NULS Community Contributor election

By NULS | Nuls | 20 Oct 2021

In Q3 of 2021, NULS community members have done something extraordinary to the community. After almost a month of selection and proposal process. Today, it is the time to announce that we have finally selected the contributors from over 100 candidates. These 4 contributors deserve to be known and their stories deserve to be passed on in the community because of what they have done in the organization.

They are :



Reasons for selection:

Andace is a member from the Turkish community who answers pretty much every question that was asked by others in NULS Telegram community.

“Thank you, Andace”, this is from the NULS team, we are appreciated for what you have done! Meanwhile Andace has been staying very active in the community and promoting NULS for more people to know in Turkey.

@youjishou( 游击手)


Reasons for selection:

As a member of the NULS Chinese community, he has been remaining active and promoting NULS not only in Chinese social media platforms but also globally.

Being a NULS community volunteer, he earned that title for himself with incredible credits. He promoted NULS in a lot of Chinese social media platforms such as WeiBo(微博), Today’s News(今日头条), Coin talks(币乎), JieMo Circle(芥末圈),Fortune path(财路) and much more… His actions influenced lots of Crypto fans in the NULS Chinese community, he introduced NULS to many new friends we have never known before, he expanded NULS’s footprints in China!



Reasons for selection:

He is definitely a loyal fan from the NULS community, also an active member and an administrator of the NULS Portuguese community, he also did quite a good translation job for the website construction. — — — —

He organized a contest (NULS Quest) with João, where NULS community members can ask everything about the NULS ecosystem. The contest takes place every Wednesday, and has received lots of great feedback within 3 months.

@zhenchengdiyi (真诚第一)


Reason for selection

He is a great NULSer, well accepted in the Chinese community. He has contributed a lot of effort to the construction and development of the NULS Chinese community in the long term. He also created another NULS fans group, providing tech support, answering questions about the project, and helping groups members to learn more about NULS. Outside the groups, he helped to test our new projects and the feedback he gave to the developing team was very helpful!

About the NULS Contributor Election

The NULS community contributors selection is a traditional event that takes place every year in NULS community, which has continued from the beginning of NULS to the present day. We are grateful to every community member who has contributed to NULS. They are the people who truly love blockchain and NULS. We are also hoping that in the future there will be more community members who are willing to contribute their parts to the NULS community and make NULS bigger and stronger.

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NULS is a blockchain infrastructure for customizable services, driven by our global open-source community


NULS is a blockchain infrastructure for customizable services, driven by our global open-source community

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