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RECAP - NULS x Cryptodiffer from 26th January

By NULS | Nuls | 31 Jan 2021

Thanks a lot for actively participating in the Cryptodiffer AMA held on 26th January 2021 on Cryptodiffer Telegram Channel. We really appreciate all your support. This post is a recap of the entire session held with Cryptodiffer.

Cryptodiffer Team: Hello, everyone! 😁 We are glad to meet here Mario Blacutt (Berzeck), NULS Western Director and NerveNetwork founder

Mario (Berzeck) Blacutt: Hello everybody! I am glad to be here explaining more about our project

Thanks for the opportunity!

Cryptodiffer Team: Welcome Mario ! Thank you for taking your time today! Let's start from the introduction:

Q1: Can you introduce yourself to our community?

Mario (Berzeck) Blacutt: Sure!
My name is Mario Blacutt, but everybody calls me Berzeck; I am a software engineer with 20+ years of experience, developing complex systems is my area of expertise.
I designed and developed the underlying microservices infrastructure (called Nulstar) on which NULS and NerveNetwork are based.
Currently, I am the NULS' Western director and NerveNetwork founder.

Cryptodiffer Team: Thank you for intro:) Let's move to the next one:

Q2: Can you briefly tell us what is Nuls and Nerve Network in 3-5 sentences?

Mario (Berzeck) Blacutt:

NULS is a blockchain platform that was created three years ago. The idea was to develop a blockchain solution that's able to evolve and adapt faster than the competition; after a period of research and development, we found that microservices is the solution, an architecture being implemented by the biggest software companies in the world like Microsoft, Google, Facebook, etc.
This enables developers to create modules on any coding language they want and also deploying them individually.
Due to its revolutionary modular approach, we have been referred to as the 'WordPress' of blockchain.

Thanks to this approach, we have been able to develop unique products like 'ChainFactory', 'ChainBox', SCO platform, NerveNetwork, NerveDEX.
NerveNetwork is our sibling blockchain that provides Defi cross-chain solutions for NULS, having 2-second block creation, 2000+ TPS, and no rollbacks (just one confirmation needed to be safe). It makes NULS ecosystem DeFi ready.
NerveNetwork supports several kinds of assets, and for specific ones, participants can stake to get rewards, including ETH, USDT, BNB, etc. It also provides NRC20 tokens the ability to hop different blockchains seamlessly, like Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Hubio ECO, NULS, and Nerve (more to come in the future).
Projects using our platform can target stakers and crypto holders from all these blockchains.

Cryptodiffer Team: Great! Let's talk further

Q3: Let`s now talk about the milestones you have achieved so far and about your upcoming plans?

Mario (Berzeck) Blacutt: About our important milestones:

We released ChainFactory and ChainBox products, which are blockchain generators.
We developed the SCO platform, which is an innovative way for funding and initial token distribution.
We already have onboarded nine projects to our SCO program and three more projects signed that will be active just this month, proving that we are successfully transitioning from a blockchain concept to a blockchain solution that solves real problems for real companies.
NerveNetwork cross-chain Defi ready blockchain was just released a few months ago, and it already supports more than 70 assets like ETH, USDT, DAI, BNB, NULS, etc.
NerveDEX is our own cross-chain DEX solution that needs just 2 seconds to finalize transactions. The engine is already working, and the UI is receiving the last patches to enter into production stage.

We have very recently created NRC721 for projects to utilize for NFT assets; currently, Goblinswap is already using.
We also develop Nabox, which is a mobile solution that incorporates most of our services.

It's worth mentioning that except for NerveDEX (which will be in production this month), all our products are already developed and working, not just an idea in a beautiful PowerPoint presentation!
About our roadmap:

Brand refresh. We will have a brand refresh in Q1 2021, including a new website.

We have also recently announced that we are integrating Chainlink into our ecosystem.
This year, we expect full EWASM (ETH2 smart contract engine) compatibility to unlock even more options to our development ecosystem.

Nulstar is expected to be revamped this year (the microservices infrastructure) that will make it a perfect fit for the BaaS market (Blockchain as a Service)
Continue integrating and expanding our solutions for Binance Smart Chain, Morpheus Labs, etc.
Launch cross-chain assets lending application
Support signature of Ledger hardware wallet
Integrate more assets and blockchain projects to NerveNetwork.
We have recently released our new roadmap with even more items.

Cryptodiffer Team: Awesome, thank you!

Q4: Can you explain a little more what ChainFactory and ChainBox plan to achieve?

Mario (Berzeck) Blacutt:

As commented above, we created ChainFactory, on which NON-developers fill in parameters and choose modules to generate a blockchain in just minutes, including a web wallet and an explorer ready to use for your custom blockchain. Everything you need for your brand new idea to start being deployed!
ChainBox is a more flexible and powerful blockchain generator targeted to developers; in fact, NerveNetwork was created using this tool.
All these blockchains generated will be able to be integrated into NerveNetwork and NerveDEX so they don't remain isolated in their development process and become interconnected with the rest of our ecosystem and even other blockchains!

Cryptodiffer Team: Good! Thank you for an answer!

Q5: Can you give more detail about the SCO program?

Mario (Berzeck) Blacutt: Sure, we also developed the SCO platform, which enables NULS holders to stake on projects, and they receive the project's tokens; in return, the project gets the respective NULS; everything managed by a smart contract generated by the platform called POCM (Proof of Credit Mining).
It's worth mentioning that unlike IEO's and ICO's, NULS holders NEVER risk their original investment .
The mechanism proved extremely useful to stakers because they can speculate and join projects very early on, without risking the collateral; it also enables young projects to get early funding to help with development as well as broadening their community. The more projects that are on board, the more choices stakers have to choose which project they want to stake into, the more Nuls locked up in staking, the less circulating supply etc . This brings a lot of value to hold NULS.
The SCO program is not exclusive for projects building in our platform; If a project is already on an alternative chain, they can still utilize our crowdfunding solution, the token project stakers receive will be an NRC20 representation of the project's token. NRC20 tokens can enable projects to reach non-ERC20 communities, but of course, there is a lot of added benefits for projects to build on Nuls chain. NRC20 through Nerve network allows the interoperability between blockchains, including Binance Smart Chain, Houbi ECO, Ethereum, Nuls, and NerveNetwork.
Projects can create bridges in NerveDEX, enabling stakers to effectively swap their NRC20 tokens to the native ERC20 at 1:1 ratio.

Cryptodiffer Team: We have the last question from our team and it is a very interesting one, can you put a light on it please:

Q6: I heard there might be a rebranding coming soon. What’s up with that? Why?

Mario (Berzeck) Blacutt: NULS restructured itself on March 2020 with several changes, so a rebranding makes sense
It’s in the works…. And more details will be revealed soon. So, it’ll be a nice surprise.
We wanted to better tell our unique story, vision, values, and our strategic advantages to our expanding developer community and prospective customers
A potential refinement in our logo reflects our recent heritage of innovation. It shows the forward-looking promise of our platform, which allows developers to easily create innovative blockchain and DeFi applications using our microservices architecture development platform.
We also have a new tagline that will position NULS and it speaks to our promise for delivering a microservices architecture blockchain platform designed to help our customers rapidly prototype, design, and innovate new blockchain solutions."

Cryptodiffer Community: NULS can process 800 -1000 TPS, and has a 10 seconds block creation period while Nerve has 2000+ TPS, it requires 2 seconds for block creation. So, can you explain why Nerve is faster than Nuls? What are their commonalities and differences? How Nuls being connected to Nerve Network?

Mario (Berzeck) Blacutt: Also, another difference is that Nerve has nor rollbacks, meaning just 1 confirmation needed to be deemed secure
But to achieve this we needed to made some compromises, for example Nerve does not have a smart contract engine, so developers need to use from NULS blockchain
the idea is that instead of having one bloated, fat blockchain we split in 2 with different goals and requirements, which will give us the opportunity to evolve a lot faster

Cryptodiffer Community: If I'm not mistaken, all NULS products are ready to use, so should we say there won't be further project development or are there plans of introducing new products?

Also, regarding compatibility with ETH2 smart contract engine called EWASM which plan offering this year, is there a plan date for it release? Will it be possible to go live before the end of Q1 this year?

Mario (Berzeck) Blacutt: NULS and Nerve will continuously be being developed with new features, we designed both blockchain to be able to introduce new features faster and to incorporate new devs with different backgrounds seamlessly so they can write modules in whyever language they like.
EWAS is not even ready for ETH2 so of course we can't give a complete timeline for this one, but we can assure that NULS will have compatibility with ETH2 so developers can broaden their reach

Cryptodiffer Community:

Q1- Hello, I am interested Staking, how many staking options do you offer, what are the rewards like and are there any requirements to stake on Nuls pool?

Q2 - Can you give us more information on NerveDEx, it's features, speed and transaction fees?

Mario (Berzeck) Blacutt:

1] with nuls you have 4 options
a] stake NULS for NULS, you need 2000 nuls minimum
b] stake NULS for NVT in Nerve blockchain. you need the equivalent of 1000 NVT to stake
c] stake in our SCO platform and receive our projects tokens, you need usually just 100 NULS
d] Staking in our partners contracts like and soon
for Nerve:
you can stake Nerve with different commitment periods (no commitment, 3 months, 1 year, etc) the longer the commitment the more rewards in proportion you receive
also, you can stake a few other assets like ETH, USDT, BNB, HT, etc so let your assets ear more rewards!

Cryptodiffer Community:

What is the difference between NULS's Turing-complete and NusVM smart contract virtual machines compared to other virtual machines of other projects? How important is NusVM in the encryption layer?

Mario (Berzeck) Blacutt:

NULS VM accepts a subset of Java language which is a widely used language so developers can learn to write smart contracts a lot faster
as the learning curve is easier. integrating EWASM will give devs even more flexibility

Cryptodiffer Community:

Your resources are focused on building great products right now while ignoring the price aspect which is also important. What are you doing about the price and traders?

Mario (Berzeck) Blacutt:

we are a project that builds first before pumping. so, we invested 2 years developing our products and now are ready to use
we are not actively targeting traders, we want investors because we care for the long term, we are not interested manipulating the price to cash out a good sum and then slowly leave the project to rot.
No, we are interested in building a huge ecosystem that will survive any bear market in the future, after all BTC is alive because of this
projects that signed with us agree with this vision and they trust us to offer solutions for years to come.
Sooner or later investors will understand that we are giving true value to the project and not just manipulating the price on PowerPoint ideas!

Cryptodiffer Community:
Q1. I'm super amazed with what NULS has done withing a short period of time especially building 3 blockchains within a space of 9 months, Mr Berzerk, what would you say NULS is doing right to make it achieve all what other great projects that are financially buoyant weren't able to achieve?

Q2. Are there principles and work ethics you abide by to make all these achievements a seamless one for you? I would like to learn more from the elders

Mario (Berzeck) Blacutt:

Correct! we achieve this because our development team is very string, i must highlight that none of the blockchains presented a single serious issue on main net.. not even some of the most funded projects achieved this.
also, we invested our resources writing these products instead of cheerleading in telegram channels and tweet. now they are ready so its time the world start knowing about them!
About your second question, yes. ethics and principles are extremely important to us, that's why we prefer to shut up and build first
also, when difficult times come i always provide straight answers... long term these decisions will have weight with investors tired of pumps and dumps and projects left to rot

Cryptodiffer Community:
How special is the 2-layer mechanism of Nerve Network compared to other projects? How will these 2 layers work together?

Mario (Berzeck) Blacutt:

there are 3 layers
Normal nodes: in charge of validating transactions
Consensus nodes: they also have the responsibility to ADD new transactions to the blockchain
Virtual banks: in charge of monitoring and performing cross chain transactions
the design is simpler than other solutions and therefore we have been able to integrate 70+ assets in just a few months
also, as the cross chain transaction is not made by smart contracts, (its being coded at the blockchain level) its inherently more secure

Cryptodiffer Community:
Tell us about Goblin Swap and are there any requirements to be met to ensure top quality projects get listed on your DEX platform and receive tier1 Liquidity?

How does NULS veriTAG food tracking system work and who are currently using it? How is it different from VeChain's Foodgates?

Mario (Berzeck) Blacutt:

Goblin Swap is our partner that is developing a NFT game for NULS, it has been widely popular reaching 8 M nuls at its top
for Nerve we require he project to have some development, web page, etc after integration to nerve anybody can add a pair in nervedex, it just costs 200 NVT (12 usd at current prices)
Veritag is another of our partners that developed a food tracking solution that's currently in production and used in Singapore
for details it's better to contact the project themselves!

Cryptodiffer Community:
Q: How will the integration between NULS and Chainlink help empower NULS / Nerve developers to create next generation DeFi applications? Will it include generating real-world events to build dynamic next-generation NFT with this new merger?

Mario (Berzeck) Blacutt:

Yes, the idea is that developers in our blockchain enjoy all the pools needed to finish a successful project, one of the tools we lack internally are oracles and that why ChainLink collaboration was pursued
it closes the circle and we can offer all tools needed to build a great wide range of different products and industries
of course, we may integrate more in the future

Cryptodiffer Community:
I want to start with low capital, is Nuls suitable for low capital investors? what is the minimum to start?

Mario (Berzeck) Blacutt:

of course! you can purchase any number of NULS above 0.1 , but some exchanges require 10 nuls or more, but it's because of us

Cryptodiffer Community:
To use the Nerve interchain system, I need to convert from ERC20 to NULS? Can I operate the interconnect without having to exchange my native tokens? And about transactions how the Nerve Network makes 0 fees seem free?

Mario (Berzeck) Blacutt:

if a ERC20 assets is already integrated to NErve then you just need to send to the address generated in your nerve wallet, you don't swap your erc20 token, it's in Nerve always enjoying its amazing speed... you can even send your eth and stake there!
Fees in nerve are extremely cheap at 0.001 NVT, but for cross chain transactions it depends on the asset, of course for ETH for example is more expensive than others

Cryptodiffer Community:
NULS / Nerve has announced a partnership with MyCointainer. What are the benefits and new opportunities for staking through this partnership?

Mario (Berzeck) Blacutt:

we will focus a lot of resources this year to increase adoption and partnerships, we achieve this getting partner to support NULS and Nerve in their solutions so our products are exposed to more people, my container saw the potential in our solutions and they integrated very fast, i recommend using their services

Cryptodiffer Community:
Who are the biggest competitors of Nuls ? And how does the team plans to overtake it's competitors?

Mario (Berzeck) Blacutt:

well we have unique prducts that do not relate to other competition directly as far as we know
ChainFactory for example we didn't see this in other blockchain projects, of course there are more than 6000 projects and we didn't check them all but still we feel we have a great suit of products that enables us competing in the long term, and that's why projects decided to build using our platforms
but the most important thing is not the current technology we have, after all technology evolves and products become obsolete very fast... so, we designed the whole thing to be able to adapt faster than anybody else
that's our real competitive advantage thanks to our microservices solution that no other project has
and that's why we were able to build a lot of products in very short time and budget

Cryptodiffer Community:
How does NULS solve real-world problems for real companies? What innovative products does NULS offer in this competitive space?

Mario (Berzeck) Blacutt:

aside of the unique products we offer, we also offer DIRECT FREE SUPPORT from dev team to projects building in our platform
also, NRC20 tokens are able to travel between other blockchains including Ethereuem , BSC, Huobi, etc so projects can target investors from all these blockchains
we all know Ethereum is great but WHY would you lock yourself to JSUT ONE platform? we offer the solution and surely projects signing with us understand this

Cryptodiffer Community:
Although ETH 2.0 is delayed to next year, but it will solve all exist problem of ETH and become the best choise for dApps in future, so do you think this is a threat for your project and how could you overcome this barrier?

Mario (Berzeck) Blacutt:

solving 'all' problems is every dangerous word to use. after all, isn't it that lightning network would and sidechains in btc supposed to do this?
well, it didn't happen and won't happen, the notion of "one chain to rule them all" is inherently flawed
many good projects will survive and thrive targeting different use cases
and we are prepared for this future with our cross chain technology, so whichever blockchain is winning the race, well we win as well, because it will just be integrated to our infrastructure
and companies will be able to target all these good blockchain projects at once using our tech

Cryptodiffer Community:
Institutional investors are risk averse and cryptocurrencies are very risky. How do you convince them to come into the crypto space and invest in Nuls products?

Mario (Berzeck) Blacutt:

Institutional investors want to earn money, and in bull market being able to speculate on products already being used is a good way to do that, so we already had some institutional money and surely, we will have more
we just need to create more awareness, .. because we already made the difficult part, building unique products and getting the first partners building on them, everything else becomes easier in time

Cryptodiffer Community:
Every coin is now doing DeFi, will $ NULS also be applicable on DeFi? What are your plans for DeFi?

Mario (Berzeck) Blacutt:

we build NerveNetwork to tackle this industry, we provide amazing speed and features that i explained earlier and also the ability to stake with other assets like ethereum and BNB to earn rewards

Cryptodiffer Community:
What do you think is the biggest problem Nuls will solve which is not solved by other projects and why this is the problem important?

Mario (Berzeck) Blacutt:

we offer the full circuit for companies to develop their solutions, starting with the SCO platform when people can direct some funding to promising projects without risking their money, also integrating to nerve so their tokes are not isolated and finally integrating to nervedex so they can be swapped well before being listed in big exchange,
we also provide tools that minimize costs like chain factory (explained above) chain box,
if your project is a lending platform for example then you need to support several assets this is time consuming of course, with Nerve you just develop for ONE interface and you have access to all 70 assets we support
this of course reduces cost to a minimum
and tall those reasons are making partners sign with us instead of going to the bigger platform

Cryptodiffer Community:
why should every user do KYC? Can users still use the Nuls platform without doing KYC? No. KYC is not mandatory for using Nuls . Users can use our blockchain without KYC. KYCs might be required by the applications bonded with regulations.

Mario (Berzeck) Blacutt:

You don't need KYc neither for NULS nor NVT

Cryptodiffer Community:
What are the differences between ChainFactory and Chainbox? How do you engage and support developers on your platform?

Mario (Berzeck) Blacutt:

Chainfactory is targeted for non-developers.. chainbox aims developers but has more flexibility and power

Cryptodiffer Community:
I read that NULS was created for “solve some problems and promote the commercial use of blockchain technology”, do you think NULS is accomplishing its aim?

Mario (Berzeck) Blacutt:

of course, we already have several partners building, on SCO we have 9 , 3 mor to sign, and like 10 more building outside SCO that we know of

Cryptodiffer Community:
NULS and NERVES are two main splitted part of your PROJECT, what motivated you into splitting your project while all functions and features could have been embedded into ONE?

Mario (Berzeck) Blacutt:

because trying to make one blockchains that treys to solve every problem is a mistake, you need to make some compromises depending on your target, but blockchains represent just one vision so developers can integrate both to solve all kind of problems

Cryptodiffer Community:
Why did NULS choose its default consensus mechanism as Proof-of-Credit (POC)? What are the advantages of POC for Nuls ecosystem?

Mario (Berzeck) Blacutt:

because it has an embedded mechanism that punishes bad behaving nodes (like eth2 do is trying to do)
the diference is that its already working in our blockchain

Cryptodiffer Community
NULS runs on a delegated proof of stake system. What are the criteria for choosing a validator? What behavior is considered “bad” in your concept, and how will you punish an unscrupulous validator?

Mario (Berzeck) Blacutt:

for example, trying to double spend can warrant you a red card and we expelled from the node, the stakers can recover their funds of course but node owner will need to wait like 3 months
being delayed in processing transactions is a common issue

Cryptodiffer Community:
COVID 19 has slowed many economies around the world but as a crypto business has it affected you negatively or positively?

Mario (Berzeck) Blacutt:

well to be honest positively because we already got used to work from home from different countries, including USA, China, Bolivia, Singapore, Portugal, Switzerland. so, it just gave us the opportunity to focus even more in our products
after Covid19 the world won't be the same anymore and gladly we already prepared for that

Cryptodiffer Community:
Consider the use of different programing languages on NULS platforms,
How will this benefits developers in any way?

What makes Proof of consensus PoC function a better consensus compared to POS and POX ?

Mario (Berzeck) Blacutt:

because they don't need to learn and be proficient to contribute to the project
for example, BTC is developed in c++, what would happen if developers could include modules in Java, Python, JavaScript, and whatever language comes in the future? well, we offer that
in fact, NULS and Nerve are developed in C++ and Java and it works perfectly
this reduces cost for companies trying to implement for the first time something in crypto, because they don't need to hire developers with specific skills

Cryptodiffer Community:
How do you intend to maintain stable price after listing and prevent unusual dumping of your token?

Mario (Berzeck) Blacutt:

we are already listed, but bear in mind that we won't try to manipulate the price to satisfy traders as we are looking for investors that understand our true potential and of course this is the reason partners are building in our solution, after all if they would believe we just care for short term trading they wouldn't risk their business in our platform for years wouldn't they? that's the difference
we are concerned to building and creating a huge ecosystem, that cant be done in few days

Cryptodiffer Community:
In the Nuls ecosystem, each module will perform independently, ignoring the change of other modules. So how do the Nuls Modules work together? What is the role of the Microkernel?

Mario (Berzeck) Blacutt:

correct, we have our own messaging system within modules, each module registers an API to the Service Module and other modules that depend on the specific API can search for it in the service Module as well, so this allows us the ability to replicate modules that do the same and increase the throughput for special task
right now, we use WebSocket's but the planned upgrade will use grpc and Istio from google to empower even more the microservices architecture

Cryptodiffer Community:
There's hundreds or even thousands of blockchain technologies are popping up in the internet. Are you confident enough to battle the crowd and to become one of the successful projects that you are handling in? Is your project competitive enough to attract customers?

Mario (Berzeck) Blacutt:

if i weren't confident we wouldn't invest our lives in the project ;) gladly the most difficult part which is getting the first partners to build in our platform is already passed, it's a matter of time we get more partners and finally enough investor attention

Cryptodiffer Community:
Is it currently possible to create your own tokens on the NULS blockchain Can you find out more?

Mario (Berzeck) Blacutt:

you fill a form, pay 11 nuls tor the network fee and that's it, the contract is created for you in less than five minutes
5 parameters 11 nuls is the only thing you need to build a token in our platform

Cryptodiffer Community:
Can you explain the relationship between NULS and Earhart Solution? What is the role of NULS in Earnhart Solution? And does Nerve also have a relationship with Earnhart Solution?

Mario (Berzeck) Blacutt:

Earhart is a project that is building an Aircraft related solution in NULS / Nerve, they all professionals in the area and already being contacted by important people in that industry as its unique
the participate in our SCO program, so you can stake NULS to earn EHT
gladly for them they don't have competition not even in Ethereum for such a project

Cryptodiffer Community:
NULS SCO is a platform that uses intelligent contracts called POCM to distribute BonFi tokens to NULS players. What are the benefits that users and members of the NULS governance get in return? What are the blockchains you will allow access to with this protocol?

Mario (Berzeck) Blacutt:

BonFi is budling a DeFi solution in Ethereum, so NULS stakers have the ability to stake in the project and receive their tokens, without risking their investment
something that its revolutionary by itself as you can risk a lot more in promising startups
Bonfi in return receives the NULS, but the real reason is that ALL our partners cheer up for each other because SCO creates a win win win situation for everybody involved
the more NULS rises then the more fiat equivalente projects will receive and therefore we will attract more projects
the more projects we have then the less stakers each project will have so each staker will receive more tokens in proportion
which will make the price rise as it will be a lot cheaper and safe to get the projects tokens there
this creates a snowball type of situation. of course, the effects will not be immediate, but the ball is slowly starting to roll

Cryptodiffer Community:
What types of assets does NerveDEX support? Can you describe the benefits of the Nerve business model and the NVT token economy?

Mario (Berzeck) Blacutt_

when an asset is integrating to NerveNetwrok (70 approximately right now, more to come) then anybody can add a pair in NerveDEX at 200 NVT
nervedex will be almost finished this month when we fix some UI issues

ok guys my time is up
if anybody has more questions please contact me a join telegram channels, i will gladly answer any other question that remain

Cryptodiffer Team:
Thanks for your time!

great answers!

Mario (Berzeck) Blacutt:

now, i would like to say that I am not asking for you guys to rush and purchase NULS and NVT, i am asking for you to research more about our solutions
participate in our community, i am sure that sooner or later you will like something you see and when you pull the trigger you will be happy with your investment ;)
Thanks for the opportunity!

Cryptodiffer Team
Thank you to everyone who took part today!


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