NULS Reaches Strategic Cooperation with WePiggy

By NULS | Nuls | 21 Aug 2021

We are excited to announce that NULS, a blockchain platform offering fast-track business solutions for developers, has built a strategic partnership with WePiggy. The two parties will work together on liquidity building, lending and other fields for mutual benefits of the two communities.

NULS + WePiggy

WePiggy allows NULS asset holders to participate in lending activities in WePiggy ecosystem. NULS users can borrow other crypto-assets and pay interest for the borrowed assets.

NULS will become a part of the WePiggy ecosystem and all the NULS users will be able to access to the WePiggy ecosystem.

“NULS has been listed on many Tier-1 CEXs and DEXs with enough trading liquidity to ensure a healthy external environment. Through this cooperation, we can expand WePiggy’s influence to a larger user base. If NULS gets listed on WePiggy, that will empower NULS token lending feature. NULS holders can freely enjoy the powerful and secure application of WePiggy. ”

– Ron, Zheng, Founder of WePiggy

“WePiggy is the first lending application of the NULS ecosystem on BSC. We will promote the WePiggy DApps to our NULS ecosystem consisting of more than 20 blockchain projects and 30,000 community members. Hopefully, with teamwork, we can make WePiggy and NULS a better community.”

– Reaper, Co-founder of NULS

About NULS

NULS is a blockchain with a modular based architecture enabling customizable modules and cross-chain operability. Its two-part design is the micro-service and the functional modules. They have been built with the goal to maintain the well-known programming practice of high cohesion and low coupling. They also adopt the hot pluggable principle allowing modules to be added or removed during operation.

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About WePiggy

WePiggy is an open-source, non-custodial, crypto asset lending market protocol. In WePiggy’s market, users can deposit their crypto assets to earn interest, or borrow other crypto assets by paying interest. WePiggy aims to spread the benefits of cryptocurrency’s freedom and transparency to the widest possible user community in a more friendly and simple way, as well as be a good partner for them in wealth management.

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NULS is a blockchain infrastructure for customizable services, driven by our global open-source community


NULS is a blockchain infrastructure for customizable services, driven by our global open-source community

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