AMA - Huobi Nigeria Recap

AMA - Huobi Nigeria Recap

By NULS | Nuls | 8 May 2020

The AMA was an interaction between Nuls led by Nuls West Regional Director Mario Blacutt popularly known as Berzeck, and the Huobi nigeria community, moderated by Cyril Oghenegueke. The AMA took place on the 6th of May 2020 at exactly 8PM GMT + 1. The AMA was segmented into two sections that is:

1. The moderator opened the group for questions and allowed the guest to answer the questions. Time allocated to that section was 20 minutes.

2. The guest was allowed to ask 10 questions and the group was opened to allow community members to provide answers to the questions. 20 minutes was allocated to that section as well

Introduction (Mario Blacutt)

NULS is a microservices-driven blockchain project that uses the Proof of Credit (PoC) consensus mechanism (dPoS plus credit rating) to mine via staking. The NULS modular design features NULSTAR, a microservices-based framework reportedly enabling enterprise-grade blockchain solutions for smart contracts, private chains, public chains, dApps and NRC-20 tokenization. NULS 1.0 mainnet launched in July, 2018. The main product of NULS is Chain Factory, a chain-building tool that allows businesses to utilize the plug-and-play selection of modules from the NULS Module Repository including cross-chain consensus for asset value circulation within the NULS ecosystem. Thanks to this we were able to build Nerve which is a cross chain solution thats is designed to complement NULS blcokchain and open the gates to interact with other blockchains, like BTC and ETH and more in the future. We also have other prdoucts like SCO, Chain Factory, Chain Box…. none of them are easy to copycat and are unique in crypto. With Chain Factory you can build your customized blockchian using web interface and select the modules you want The product will create not only a blockchain but a web wallet and an explorer ready to use!

With SCO, projects that are building using our blockchain are able to distribute their tokes to NULS stakers. NULS investors just stake in these nodes and receive the prject tokens directly and the project receive NULS, you can withdraw your stake whenever you want so you NEVER risk your money. (UNLIKE ICO/IEO)

I am Mario, but everybody knows me as Berzeck, i am regional director for operation in the West. My job is to get more partners and enhance the community as well

I have like 18+ years experience designing software for companies and worked designing and developing an ERP for my country. Now i work full time on NULS, and hopeully after this AMA you will understand why!

First session( the Huobi community with Mario Blaccut)

@Rohit (wHaLe): What is the advantage of nuls over other public blockchains?

The biggest strength is that we have an architecture based on microservices which allows us to adapt and evolve faster than everyone in crypto.

Let me put it this way, if Vitalik finds the ultimate scalability solution, while he is receiving the Turing award, we will pack the solution in a microservice and deploy it months or even years before Ethereum. Adapt and evolve!

@Boluwatife: What are the Plans of NULS for Nigerian Community? Also, Tell us the 2020 Plans of NULS Project?

2020 is about finishing our cross chain solution called Nerve, its first product will be NDEX (our own decentralized exchange) a public beta will be available in 2 weeks!

Also, as we consider that finally we have a good portfolio of unique products, we hired a marketing company that will help us spread the word! we are the kind of project that has the slogan: “develop first, pump later!” and this year is time to let us know to the world!

@MigTyO Why did NULS choose PoC consensus?

PoC is a DPoS derived consensus mechanism but it. has more benefits:

—  It does not impose a maximum number of consensus nodes

—  It has embedded a mechanism that allows the network to punish bad behaving nodes automatically

—  Its fast

—  Its makes easier for the network adapt to new technologies

What is the role of $NULS in the NULS ecosystem?

With NULS you can:

  • Stake so you can earn more NULS
  • Vote on proposals thank to our governance tools
  • Stake on projects tokens so you can earn the tokens of the projects. you are interested in
  • Earn Nerve Tokens (near future)

In order to manage COMMUNITIES and consolidate on your great ECOSYSTEMS, a good relationship is extremely important for any BLOCKCHAIN to further adoptability. So what are the special Measures that NULS is using to manage its COMMUNITIES?

We hired a marketing company that among other things advises us how to manage public relations, this company is called Multiplied and they also have Binance as their clients, so i think they know what they are doing! , we are blockchain builders and they are the experts so we follow advice. I can say that we make a LOT of promotions for our active community so they can earn NULS and NVT constantly.

Follow our twitter to know more!

Also we have an ambassador program so people that works hard can represent their country and enhance the community in their respective countries

One of the major problems facing blockchain technology is that it tends to slow down with mass adoption. What measures has NULS put in place to ensure they don’t fall prey to this issue bearing in mind that NULS COMMUNITY is growing rapidly in all ramifications?

Indeed, getting the first companies on board is the most difficult part, gladly we already have like 10 projects directly building using our blockchain and like 40+ building customized blockchains using Chain Factory!

we have good unique products and thats the main reason. Companies have took the risk to build in our blockchain, also we give direct support to them and invest a lot of time so they can build their products successfully

What is your attitude to the Nigerian community and what are the further plans for the development of the Nigeria community in Nigeria?

Africa is a strategic place for us because it is likely that crypto adoption will explode there, so we are training an ambassador to represent us there, of course we will have localized promotions for your african community and will invest a lot of time explaining why we are a very solid alternative in crypto landscape

What is the biggest achievement you have achieved this year ?? On moving forward through your roadmap , what are your most important next priorities ???

Probably getting like 10 companies to build directly in our blockchain and 40+ using Chain Factory, specially given the current environment it is a great achievement, past weeks we received 91000 NULS+ income. that we burned! Our road map for this year is simple and direct:

Development: Finish Nerve and NDEX

Marketing: We hired Multiplied to make people know about NULS, Nerve and the rest of our products!

<Crypto Idee>: How does Nuls prioritize privacy? Would like to know the security measures that have or would be adopted to safeguard vital data of the entire Nuls community.

We have the same level of privacy that Bitcoin has because we believe its a good compromise that governments are willing to accept, hard anonymity coins are starting to have problems with governments because there is no way they can. enforce taxes, and as our goal is for companies to build using our products we do not have a choice but to play good with governments. On the other hand we will build strong privacy modules. and deploy them via Chain Factory for those companies that require this level of privacy

Kindly indulge us on why NULS Blockchain uses the Proof of Credit Mechanism and not the PoW or PoS Consensus Algorithms?

PoC has already explained above but I will add:

PoW is extremely inefficient so it surely will be deprecated, the amount of energy wasted is getting. insane levels (notice i use the word ‘waste’ because once you have more efficient alternatives it becomes a waste instead of an expense)

PoC is a lot faster than simple PoS, something required to mass scale

How easy is onboarding in NULS blockchain for new entrants?

Is there any collaboration with any African startup and especially with huobi global now and future?

Absolutely, Africa is a strategic location for us so we will invest resources enhancing our presence there

“By the way if anybody wants their question answered please contact me directly and i will answer all questions, i can’t know because the AMA has limited time 😅” — Berzeck

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NULS is a blockchain infrastructure for customizable services, driven by our global open-source community


NULS is a blockchain infrastructure for customizable services, driven by our global open-source community

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