7 day ad history

Brave Browser: The 7 Day Ads History and how to reset it.

By EpicSwag | null | 28 Apr 2021

Brave Browser's 7 day ads history contains all the ads that have been served to you within the last 7 days. It's a helpful link for you to go back to any ads that you may have missed or dismissed and it is found in your Rewards Settings page (brave://rewards/), just under the number of ads you have been served for the month.  


  1. Information about the 7 day ads history.
    1. What you can do to the ads.
    2. Category
  2. Where it's located in your files
  3. How to "reset" it - this will help if you have accidentally filtered out specific or specific types of ads.

  -------   1.  Information about the 7 day ads history

There are a few parts to it. The thumbs up button, thumbs down, menu (3 dots). To the right of these options, there is the category name, heart and "no sign."   Its all pretty self explanatory For each ad, you can

  • Thumbs up - which saves the ad into a tab for all your thumbs up ads
  • Thumbs down - which means you will see less or none of that specific ad
  • Menu (3 vertical dots) - gives you an option to save or mark as inappropriate.
    • Save, saves the ad into a new tab for all your saved ads.
    • Mark as inappropriate - i'm not exactly sure how this works, but it does add the ad to a filtered list

There is also a category that the ad falls under. The categories contain

  • Heart - which lets the browser know that you want to keep receiving ads in that category.
  • No sign (circle with the slash) - tells your browser to stop sending you ads in that category.

Special Note (which i am not completely sure of):  When you receive an ad and dismiss the ad 2 or more times, it will automatically add it to the "filtered_ads" section and you will stop receiving more of those ads.

--------   2.  Where it's located in your files This information is located in your client.jason file located in the ads_service folder.  

The specific line is: 



Windows PC

  •  C:\Users\YourUSERNAME\AppData\Local\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser-Beta\User Data\Default\ads_service\client.json

MacOS Press Command, Shift, Period (.) to unhide folders and then do one of the following.

  •  /Users/YOURUSERNAME/Library/Application Support/BraveSoftware/Brave-Browser/default/ads_service/client.json


  • /.config/BraveSoftware/ .../default/ads_service/client.json

The first section of this file shows what ads or categories are filtered OUT of your Brave Browser. 

The sections are, in order and listed right after adPreferences:  

filtered_ads - the ads you have give thumbs down.

filtered_categories - the categories you have marked "no"

saved_ads - the ads you have saved

flagged_ads - the ones you flagged as inappropriate  


3. How to reset it.  

First make a backup of the client.jason file - and close out of brave browser completely so that it is not running in your processes.  

The best way i know to reset it (other than reinstalling brave), is to copy and paste this over the section that has been filtered out.  

This is what you copy and paste

---->    {"adPreferences":{"filtered_ads":[],"filtered_categories":[],"saved_ads":[],"flagged_ads":[]},   

a. To find it, open the client.json file with your notepad.

b. ctrl - F to find 

c. type and find "flagged_ads."   Make sure you go to the end where the comma is, the one that looks like "," and highlight that symbol to everything in the beginning.  

Paste the copied line to replace what you highlighted. 

DO NOT Forget the comma. Save it and open brave.   


If you have found this to be helpful, please feel free to share it.  With Credit.

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