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Brave Browser: Enable Reader Mode

By EpicSwag | null | 15 Jul 2020

Brave has brought back a feature that is no longer in versions of Chrome... Reader Mode.

Reader mode basically strips away the things that distract you from reading the actual article.  

to enable reader mode in Brave Browser,


1. go to brave://flags/#enable-reader-modein your address bar and toggle the mode to enabled.

2. Next, restart the browser.  

3. Go to three bars on top right -> Settings -> Shields or brave://settings/shields

4. Change the "default view" to advanced view and restart your browser.

5. Go to a webpage and select the three bars on the top right and you should see an option for "toggle reader mode."  this is a little towards the bottom above "more tools."  

  • if you do not see it, maybe refresh the page and check again.

6.  you should now be able to toggle between reader mode or normal page.



To enable reader mode on mobile:

1. Click on the "bars" to the right of the address bar, just before the refresh icon.  

2. thats it.


Hope this helps everyone and happy reading!

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