Splinterlands - Social Media Challenge: Upgrading to Gold level!

By NoZem | Nozem01 Splinterlands | 29 Feb 2024

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Hi everyone! A new week, so two new blogs again.. welcome back to my weekly Splinterlands blog, today I'll try to make the two blogs for both challenges, it's quite a lot of work, but also fun and earnings don't come easy!
I think everyone in the crypto world is pretty hyped about the performance of Bitcoin in the last weeks, we're so close to a new All Time High! Will we break it?
I think there are a lot of sell orders just below the old ATH from 2021, so we might see a crash, something I've been expected for a few weeks now, but BTC is very strong and keeps surging up.
So, good times for crypto in general, but also good times for us, Splinterlands players, the season is about to end in just under six hours from now, and right after season ending, we will get a new ranked system, and we need it! I'm pretty hyped for this, and wonder how this will look like and hopefully this will bring a better new player experience.


This weeks Social Media Challenge is the same as last weeks:

🔥 Share Your Most Remarkable Splinterlands Moments: Do you possess a battle of epic proportions that deserves to be seen by all? Have you crafted something extraordinary within the Splinterlands realm? Maybe you've got profound thoughts, insights, or strategies related to stats, cards, abilities, or gameplay that are waiting to be shared? We want it all, and we want it to be nothing short of AMAZING!


It's a pretty broad subject, which is cool because we can be creative in our posts, this week I'm not having a certain remarkable moment, not as in one specific time, but rather a period... But it's the most important period for me in my Splinterlands career so far, I've been a Silver player for a very long time already and of course Gold rewards are much better, but it felt unreachable to me with the card level requirements, not to mention about the SPS staked requirements!




So to get full rewards, I would need to stake 58.000 SPS, WHOA!
That's assuming I would be able to reach Gold 1, of course...

At the time I was just over 15K staked, and I was just grinding my battles and brawls, making my posts and participating in the Twitter (X) Splinterlands community, when I got a comment from Dejota, asking me if I didn't felt I wanted to get to gold.... and it made me think....
So with SPS at nice (low prices) I started buying some here and there, to prepare and quickly got above 25k, then 30k... and then 35... almost enough for Gold 2!

And then, I got a JUP airdrop on the Solana blockchain, worth $123 I didn't even knew what I did to earn that 😅, so I sold and moved it over to Hive, and used it to start buying the cards I needed to upgrade my deck to max Gold level, a lot of work!

So I put up a lot of bid buys on peakmonsters, and bought the cards straight from the market on monstermarket I felt they were already at a good price to buy straight away to get a little fee cashback.




You can see the monster market history here.


Of course, $123 isn't enough for everything, I started with the rare Chaos Legion Summoners, and Quix the Devious, which was not very expensive, but still need to get Immortalis, Possibilus and Rathe up to gold level, which means I'm going from 3 BCX to 6 BCX, not cheap, so it takes some time since I'm not a whale... 😅



banner 001 (chaos legion).png



But DAMN!! all these new abilities on my cards!!
It's like you put a kid in a toy or candy store 😍
So I started to play with my new deck, primarily in Wild League because it's just more fun being able to play all cards, and I thinks it's cool to see some old players playing really old cards which I don't see every day, I'm playing Splinterlands for over 2.5 years now, and I'm having fun every day but my fun really got twice as much, and now we're also getting a ranked play overhaul!
Wait, what? you didn't get this news?? You can read all about it here!


Sharing a battle

What's a Splinterlands post without a battle, right!? of course I'm flexing my cool deck in this post 😁



So, the battle I want to share for this post is a 29 mana Tis but scratches / Weak Magic / Maneuvers, Wild League battle with Earth and Life locked out, with Weak Magic two tanks are the obvious choices for me, Diemon Shark or Chwala, and I went for the Diemon Shark because of the better speed and the Trample, I felt I needed to bring Shatter also, to break the enemy tank's armor fast to finish it off a.s.a.p.



First look at the battlefield:




The 'ding' bot farm has a lot of accounts in high gold, but I'm winning most of my battles against it so that's nice, I was right in anticipating the tank, no armor in the positions behind the tank so that's nice to trample them, my backline isn't the strongest though and it's a good sneak team, let's see how this plays out!


My Line-Up:

  • Summoner: Kelya Frendul - reason: It's great, extra speed and armor is very nice.
  • First position: Diemon Shark - reason: Fast, good damage, trample and enrage makes it very dangerous.
  • Second position: Coastal Sentry - reason: a obvious card with the Maneuvers ruleset, very lethal!
  • Third position: Musa Saline - reason: to Shatter armor.
  • Fourth position: Creeping Ooze - reason: Speed management.
  • Fifth position: Pelacor Bandit - reason: Very fast and flying sneaker, evasive backline protection.
  • Sixth position: Soul Fiend - reason: just a one hit filler card.


The Battle:




Round 1: The enemy Taunt is messing up my plan to shatter Chwala's armor but I forgot Coastal Sentry has the Piercing ability at Gold level, I'm still getting used to my new deck, so Chwala is already hurt pretty bad. Pelacor Bandit evaded the attacks on him, as planned, he probably won't be so lucky every time though.




Round 2: The front line is killed, so the sneak team is unprotected against my team now, go kill them! Pelacor Bandit took 1 hit, on the next hit it will die, with Diemon Shark's speed it will probably evade the attacks on him.




Round 3: O well that was fast! they're all gone!




You can watch the battle unfold for yourself here.

Cool guild name by the way, Splinter is coming 🤣




So, a nice 0.35 SPS and 13k RP points to get those nice Gold chests, I'm up to 43 season chests and 7 for the day, with my energy almost depleted, hopefully I can grind 1 more chest just before season end!

That's it for this post, I hope you enjoyed it, coffee and lunch now, and on to the next post, it's hard work to be a Splinterlands player! 😅



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Thank you for reading!!!

If you haven't made an account already, please consider using my referral link to sign up, I'll happily send the amount I get for your signup back to you in DEC or SPS to help you start.

Have a great day!

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Sources: For my thumbnail I used a background from @golemoverlord, when you're not playing this game as a splinterlands player, you're missing out!
I made a post with more info about Golem Overlord here.

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