Splinterlands - Battle Mage Secrets: Heavy Hitters!

By NoZem | Nozem01 Splinterlands | 18 May 2024

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Hi everyone! It's a Saturday today and I'm making this post in between home improvement jobs, in a way this is also a job because it funds the expansion of my account, and there's always enough to buy more of to win more, get better rewards, to earn more, to buy more and on and on! 😁

This weeks Battle Mage Secrets Challenge is about the Heavy Hitters ruleset, in which all monsters have the Knock Out ability, doing double damage against stunned monsters which can be quite effective and a often ignored ruleset, at least in the leagues I play in.
To find out how you can participate in the challenge yourself, you can read the Splinterlands post here.



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The battle I want to share for this post is a 39 mana Wild League, Heavy Hitters / What Doesn't Kills You / Blood and Sunder ruleset combination with only the Fire, Water and Life splinters open to be chosen. For this battle I totally ignored the Heavy Hitters ruleset for a very good reason: In the previous battles my opponent did, I could see he owned max level summoners and spammed Coeurl Lurker as a tank, it has Taunt, Dodge and is pretty fast so very evasive, it has one big weakness though, it's only a level 1, a level 2 would have the Phase ability, making it able to dodge magic attacks too so I made a magic team to exploit this weakness and kill the tank fast to sweep trough the rest of the team... Thats was the plan but not always the plan goes the way I planned it, your opponent often has a plan of his own, but in Splinterlands, playing predictable teams can cost you the battle.



First look at the battlefield:




Well this is very nice, my opponent did exactly as I thought he would, so this should work just nicely, this is going to be fun!


My Line-Up:

  • Summoner: Kelya Frendul - reason: Acces to the Water splinter to have a magic weapons trainer, extra speed to be evasive with O'Shannus.
  • First position: Venari Marksrat - reason: Martyr, to boost Djinn O'Shannus's speed.
  • Second position: Djinn O'Shannus - reason: Evasive allround tank.
  • Third position: River Helondale - reason: Resurrect to get two times martyr boost.
  • Fourth position: Baakjira - reason: Void self healing high HP weapons trained monster, it can be very annoying to get trough when you don't bring affliction in your team.
  • Fifth position: Daarg Deadblast - reason: Magic Weapons Trainer, Speed Management.
  • Sixth position: Clockwork Aide - reason: Speed Management, Backline guard.


The Battle:




Round 1: Both teams are speed builds, but one has Phase and the other doesn't, the Lurker will be killed soon. 😆




Round 2: Wow! good luck in hitting my O'Shannus! 15 speed with Phase, so no way to hit it except for True Strike, on top of that the Force Field will stop all attacks of 5 and more making it a great ability for Enrage rulesets.




Round 3: It's only a matter of time now, only 1 attack landed on O'Shannus.




Round 4: And the fight is over, only 1 monster left and it's a ranged attacker, being unable to fire from the first position, sitting there and waiting to be killed. 😇

You can watch the battle unfold for yourself here.


That's it for this week everyone, let's get a few more ranked battles in before real life commitments call again!
I hope to see you next week, or maybe we meet in battle!


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Thank you for reading!!!

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Have a great day!

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