Splinterlands - Battle Mage Secrets: Fog of War!

By NoZem | Nozem01 Splinterlands | 19 Apr 2024

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Hello fellow Splinterfans! and welcome back to my Splinterlands blog, today it's time to make another blog post for the weekly Battle Mage Secrets Challenge, and this week it's about the 'Fog of War' ruleset, in which monsters lose the Sneak, Snipe and Opportunity abilities, however Scattershot still works, so that's a nice way to surprise your opponent.
Earlier, I think 1.5 years ago the Opportunity ability was still allowed in the Fog of War ruleset, making every fog of war match a full fledged opportunity hunting game. 😅
To find out how you can participate in the challenge yourself, you can find the Splinterlands post here.


All units lose the Sneak, Snipe, and Opportunity abilities.
Scattershot still works in this ruleset.



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Did you participate in the Baron's Bounty Bitcoin Halving Event? I made a post about it earlier this week, personally I only bought 1 BCX of the Henchling Enforcer, and bought the promo card from four years ago, the Halfling Alchemist for $3.80
This has long been a very expensive card I felt was too much for my liking, but now finally it's a part of my team!



The battle I want to share for this week is a very recent one I fought 102 minutes ago from making this post, it's a 30 mana Wild League, Close Range / Holy Protection / Fog of War battle with the Water and Dragon splinters locked out, a heavy ranged team is the most obvious choice for this one, but I wanted to protect myself against magic because in the previous played teams from my opponent I saw a lot of magic monsters. I went for a combined team myself to spread out my chances, if ranged gets countered then I'll at least have a few magic units and vice versa.



First look at the battlefield:




Oh! Lux Vega - Many times when I see this summoner it means I'm in trouble, I think you can only buy it at max level, just like Waka Spiritblade, at the moment Lux goes for $239 for a max level, pretty expensive but considering you can use it for every splinter, it might be cheaper than buying separate summoners for every splinter. However - I like to have options, to adapt to my opponent and the combined rulesets.
Looking at the player name and because it's without guild, this is probably a bot, but one with a very capable deck! I think I'm ok, since I'm countering the magic monsters so they kill themselves, the bot made a line-up mistake too, the martyr card would be at a better place in the second position, boosting Time Mage, and not the Fiend.


My Line-Up:

  • Summoner: Grandmaster Rathe - reason: Magic protection with Void Armor, and to amplify the Spell Reflect.
  • First position: Blinding Reflector - reason: Cheap in mana, Spell Reflect.
  • Second position: Pelacor Conjurer - reason: Again, cheap in mana, Spell Reflect, evasive for Ranged units too.
  • Third position: Adelade Brightwing - reason: Repair and Resurrect.
  • Fourth position: Venari Crystalsmith - reason: Heal.
  • Fifth position: Xenith Archer - reason: Cheap in mana.
  • Sixth position: Pelacor Arbalest - reason: Double Striker.


The Battle:




Round 1: Because of the Divine Protection not much happened just yet...




Round 2: Now that's a dangerous Fiend! 5 HP with 3 damage, pretty nice! Djinn Renova is healing the reflected spell damage a little so them dying takes a little longer..




Round 3: My tank died, but that's OK, the conjurer is a nice backup tank. The enemy front line also got broken, time to push on!




Round 4: And suddenly things went real fast, Time Mage killed itself, and right after, Renova got killed also.




Round 5: One more down, one to go!




Round 6: It's taking some time, but death is inevitable!




And that's another win, and I hit a Win Streak! boosting my rewards, 1.82 SPS is pretty nice for me, in most matches I'm earning 1.3 - 1.5, but both SPS and Glint now got boosted because of the Win Streak 😊

You can watch the battle unfold for yourself here.

Well... that's already all there is to say for this week! I've drained my battle energy to 6 because tomorrow I don't have much time to play, and I don't want energy to get wasted because it's not getting used, the Glint seems trivial but I think it's important, the soulbound cards we get with it helps me win more, and more wins means even more glint, and SPS! 🤑
And I almost hit my next SPS milestone, 40k is close!




Well, to be honest I've already passed the 40K because my alt holds 5k also, but I really can't have enough of it 😉



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Thank you for reading!!!

If you haven't made an account already, please consider using my referral link to sign up, I'll happily send the amount I get for your signup back to you in DEC or SPS to help you start.

Have a great day!

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