Cleaning up my City & Buying Splinterlands cards with the deposit $ Part 3 - August 2023

By NoZem | Nozem01 Splinterlands | 24 Aug 2023

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Hi everyone! something else to post about today, I live in The Netherlands, and like most country's we have a deposit system for bottles for years already, this has been expanded to smaller bottles and cans this year to prevent people leaving them outside.
I think it's a great plan and will help to prevent litter in the streets and nature, most people will now take the bottles and cans with them or others (like me) will pick them up when we see them, my kids started doing this, and I thought... when they're not around why wouldn't I do it myself, keep track of how much I find every month and buy cards as investment for the future from my favorite game, Splinterlands with!


It's not that I go scouring in trashcans or something like that 😄 I'll just pay a little extra attention in my daily life and during my Move2Earn walks, playing Genopets and @actifit activity tracker. In my country the deposit is €0.15 for smaller bottles and cans and €0.25 for 1.5 liter bottles and up. I think it's a fun way to spend the money I get with the deposits, and while it's only a few cents every month, it's a win-win activity like this.



I made my first post here. I found €0.90 last month.

Update August 2023:

Last month, including my first post payout, I had $4.61 to spend in cards. The post from July only got 19 cents in upvotes, however, I found way more deposit cans and bottles!
Because I went on holiday, I only had 3 weeks to search, but because I had a lucky break I still found more than last month 😃.




with the deposit money I bought a lot of cards, 448 BCX in total!!

  • 100 pleacor bandit
  • 100 pelacor mercenary
  • 100 pelacor conjurer
  •  50 pelacor deceiver
  •  50 gargoya lion
  •  48 venari bonesmith

I have to say I was very lucky, on one day I found 18 cans of beer on a small parking space where apparently some young people have been chilling and left all the cans in the grass and creek, I picked them up and returned the next morning with a scoop-net to get the cans out of the water.

Of course we need proof!!




The Hertog Jan cans where the ones I found all at once, the rest was still in the creek before I picked them up the next morning.




Proof of buying:

It's way too much text lines to post them all lol, but you can check my market history here. It's the beauty of blockchain, it's all very transparent!




See you next month on my next post!

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