Earn cryptocurrencies while playing

Earn cryptocurrencies while playing

By Boltvitaps | Noticias interesantes | 23 Apr 2020

Hello, I am an enthusiast of games and also of cryptocurrencies.

Then I came to the conclusion:

Why not earn Crypto while playing?

Today I come to presenters two of the applications that I use to play and earn crypto.

It is a simple and not very complicated game. The function is to remove colored squares and try to keep as few as possible. The fewer you have the more crypto they give you. They pay in Stellar Lumens and it allows to withdraw every 3 0 4 days, and best of all to any wallet. https://popstellar.herokuapp.com/referral.php?r=9fPO0HZYjnMoPRIvy2yBCc4fpNf1 2. CRYPTO POP
This game also tries to do the same as the previous one, it just changes a bit in appearance. In this pagan case on Ethereum, we can also make withdrawals every 3 or 4 days and any wallet. https://cryptopop.herokuapp.com/referral.php?r=BLYK5DBwo9d1selxHDZBEPxANB53 CURRENCY https://www.coinbase.com/join/gonzal_2yx?src=android-link Means https://popstellar.herokuapp.com/referral.php https://cryptopop.herokuapp.com/referral.php https://www.publish0x.com/ https://www.coinbase.com/join/gonzal_2yx

Noticias interesantes
Noticias interesantes

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