Rotten apples, big worms.

By yungzapatista | Where Is My Mind? | 27 Jan 2021

// Soundtrack: Iron Galaxy - Cannibal Ox

Everyday I walk across 40th Street, through trash heaps, junkie encampments and sidewalks paved in excrement of all kinds. There are portions of the walk that are so desolate it seems like the world just forgot about it. I walk this way because there is never anyone else out, save for the people sleeping or slowly stirring awake. I don't like people so much anymore, at least lately. I don't like their oblivious meandering, the way their mouths make sounds, the rat-like dogs they drag around. I don't relate. I really just don't relate. Perhaps living on top of everyone is starting to wear me out. 


The industrial dog shit New York is appealing. It reminds me of when I was a kid and found out about the Freedom Tunnel for the first time. My mom took me and my brother to see a graffiti exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum and I never looked at trains the same way again. I spent a huge portion of my late teen years walking down train tracks with backpacks filled with spray paint, buckets and rollers. Time stood still when you were down there fucking around. It's like being in the shadow of the world where no one can judge you.



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Where Is My Mind?
Where Is My Mind?

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