According to my opinion, the first 5 coins of March 2021
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According to my opinion, the first 5 coins of March 2021

By Shahzad Noor | Noor Writes | 4 Apr 2021

Here I will discuss some trending and top coins of march 2021. As we know that the month of March has ended so here are some coins which performed well in this month. Let's start our count down.


IOST Token



The first one in our counting is the IOST token which belongs to the IOST platform, a decentralized blockchain network. This ecosystem has its own notes and wallets and this platform claims that it can process 100 thousand transactions in a second. While the Ether network can process only 20 transactions per second and the TRON can process only 2 thousand per second. Jimmy Zhong is the main founder of this token who founded this platform in 2018.


We can use this token to:


*)Buy different services and goods present on the platform.


*)To pay the fee of smart contracts


*)To use any storage service


This token is secured by proof of breathability and an EDS system. The circulating supply of this token is about 16 Million tokens at the time. Its all-time high is 0.13$ which was seen on January 24, 2018. Its all-time low is about 0.0015$ which was achieved on March 13, 2020. It is available on trending exchanges like Binance, OKI, etc.


XYM Token



The second one is the XYM token which is a token of the Symbol platform, a blockchain of the NEM platform. It has a unique feature known as Hybrid Chain Architecture means that both the private and public chains are available in this blockchain. Companies can use their private chains to store their precious data and the private chains to provide transparency to their customers. It was founded by the NEM platform to increase the value of the NEM platform. This Symbol platform is launched in March 2021.


We can use this token to :


*)Pay the transactions made on the platform


Its maximum supply is about 7.8 Million tokens. Its all-time high is 0.77$ which was achieved on March 21, 2021. Its all-time low is about 0.37$ which was achieved on March 19, 2021. It is available on CoCoin and Probit-like exchanges.


Zcash Token


It is the decentralized cryptocurrency of the Zcash platform. Its unique feature is that it does not reveal the transacted data and the transaction history of the transactions made on this platform. Its main purpose is to maintain the privacy and safety of its users. Its founder is Zooko Wilcox who has also been the founder of the ECC electric company. This platform was founded in October 2016. There are two types of transactions on this platform. The first one is the Transparent Transaction just like that of Bitcoin means that the transacted money and data is stored on the public platform. The second one is the Shielded Transaction means that you can keep the addresses and transacted data private.


Its market circulation is about 11 Million tokens at this time. Its maximum supply is 21 M tokens. Its all-time high is 5941$ which was achieved in October 2016. And its all-time low is 18$ which was achieved in March 2020. This is available on some trending exchanges like Binance and Huobi.


Ether Token


It is the token of the Etereum platform which is a decentralized open-source blockchain network. Its unique feature is that we can run smart contracts on this platform. Moreover, we can build a Defi application on this platform. Ether is the gas token of this platform which can be used to pay the transaction fee on this platform. Vitalik Buterin and Gavin Wood are the two main founders of this platform. Vitalik Buterin issued the Whitepaper of this platform. We can use the ER-2o token standard to host any of the crypto currency and more than 280 thousand token has been hosted from this platform till now. It has another great feature that it has no any limited supply like Bitcoin. Its supply is unlimited. It use the proof of work alogrithum for its security.


Its circulating suupply is about 115 Million token. Its all time high is about 2036$ which was achieved by it on February 20,2021. Its all time low is about 0.42$ which was achieved by it on 15 October 2015.It is available on many top exchanges like Binance, Huobi, Cracken etc.


UNI Token

33cea18857c2fd82181323c184b0b393c818ec07e67e49f348c52e9336a189f4.pngThe next and the last one is the UNI token which is the token of Uniswap platform, a decentralized trading protocol. It uses the automated liquid provider to main the liquidity on the platform. Hayden Adams is the founder of this platform on 2 November 2018. It is a governance token we can use it to voting the future development making.


Its circulating supply is 522 Million token and its maximun supply is about 1B tokens. Its all time high is about 36.41 $ which was achieved on March 23,2021. Its all time low is about 0.41$ which was achieved on September 17,2021. This token is available on some trending exchanges like Binance and Huobi.


So these are top 5 tokens of the past month. Hopefully all of you will like my this post.


Thanks all.

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