HOGE: Know Your Meme Coin

By Noob Combo | Internet 3.0? | 27 May 2021

Trying to quickly describe HOGE is like trying to describe Defi; it can get complicated. In addition to murky laws and speculation, HOGE supporters find themselves finding balance between fun and finance. At a quick glance, HOGE could be overlooked in a sea of meme tokens but upon further inspection there is more to unpack.

Most would agree, “Community Driven” sounds like cliche crypto marketing spam. In the case of HOGE, it’s a rallying cry. Whether it be professional athletes or boats, the message of Crypto calling out Goliath is getting out there. 

Could people actually be here for the tech? In our modern Gorilla Marketing age (Sometimes quite literally) the meme token continues to take on a life of its own adding even more volatility. HOGE’s tokenomics is designed to minimize this with, “Smart Burn System” which, “has 2% tax on all transactions to prevent price manipulation and encourage holding… tax is then...split as a weighted distribution between all holders and the burn address.” Defi is made easier as MetaMask wallet holders receive rewards, directly, without additional charge. For hobbyists, this could matter.

HOGE has remained lively on Twitter with daily chats and continues to march along their timeline. The community gives the impression that there could be potential for some future viral moments.

For retail, the crypto learning curve is unforgiving. I would NOT insult HOGE as a Defi for Dummies but the simplicity of HOGE rewards system may benefit legitimate users or patient holders. The site having only a gas charge for NFT minting is a great introduction to the digital future on a rainy day with the kids. Overall, HOGE seems as a great introduction to the wild world of Defi and a way for smoother brains to dream again. Sometimes, it even pays to get dumped on.



Source: Hoge.Finance

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Internet 3.0?
Internet 3.0?

I remember when the internet was fun...

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