Ebay NFTs

May 3rd: Axie scholarship; Nas loves crypto; Ebay NFTs??

By Dahveed | Noncense | 3 May 2021

Ebay is trying to figure out a way to enter the NFT market. Somebody needs to explain to Ebay that there is no such thing as a “slightly used” NFT.


China — which publicly shits on Bitcoin all the time — is considering it as an alternative investment. Chinese officials are calling this strategy the JPMorgan gambit.


Dogecoin passed the market cap of Tether in the battle of coins backed by pure fiction.  


Rapper Nas brags about his crypto in a new track released with DJ Khaled. It probably goes something like:

You can find me in da club.

Crypto go up. 

So high on DeFi.

I like big yields and I cannot lie.


NFT whale, Flying Falcon, is sponsoring 50 Axie gamers. Not to fall behind, Warren Buffet is sponsoring 50 shuffleboard players at his local nursing home. 


Would you buy Axies to then sponsor someone to fight your battles for you? Seems potentially lucrative. 

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