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Neosify - Buy, Stake & Earn Crypto
Neosify - Buy, Stake & Earn Crypto
My current position on, why not get a little to a lot

Yip. has something so interesting and unique that I need to explain how I found this attractive, simple yet captivating site.

But first
I’ve searched for many online prospects to keep me busy and most of all create a steady income. Teaching online was the icing on the cake that I found to be my niche. iTutorAbc was open to any native English speaker to teach their students online but started implementing a new procedure of hiring degree related employees who are currently studying or obtained one.

DadaABC was the next best English learning platform I work for after my last employment ended and If it wasn’t for the cable theft in my community I would still be teaching English online for them but I failed to log into classes on time resulting in my account being deactivated.

What does this have to do with I’m getting there.

So the search for an online income continues and I came across “online book club” where you get paid for your review but chose the wrong book and totally regretted it and lost interest.

Meanwhile, Remotask paid out cents weekly for annotation tasks and the better you become at the tasks the higher your pay rate which built up my Paypal account gradually. Keep in mind I was working an 8–5 job at the same time after losing the sweet online teaching gig.

I lost that job due to the lockdown but my breakthrough came when I was introduced to FXSUCCESS, see how bold the name is because it changed my life. I invested a set amount and got 7% interest paid out weekly. During the time of a horrible pandemic, I was making my monthly salary. I invested in Finalmente as well with the same system but they traded bitcoin and was a subsidiary of MTI which crashed in December 2020. As for Fxsucces which trades the market and is still standing strong.

Where does this free bitcoin cash site called comes in.

While after the disappointment of Finalmente I needed another source of revenue and stumble across Cashfx but they’re a long-term investment group with a weekly 7% payout that can be withdrawn after the waiting period. But I invested a small amount so I chose to wait longer and take a bulk amount when times are tough.

I decided to try my hand at writing and publish0x that pays you in cryptocurrency for reading and writing. I learned about Medium which got me motivated to really start writing something. Following more research met up with who introduced me to

_Why? works with Bitcoin Cash and they give you a small amount provided by sponsors to tip posts and receive a portion of that tip. Similar concept to Twitter with less complication. There’s a lot of features I’ll leave to my experience post on , but overall it has been captivating and motivating.


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I'm trying to find my way through the online maze in order to find success., why not get a little to a lot, why not get a little to a lot

Yes, has something so interesting and unique that I need to explain how I found this attractive, simple yet captivating site. The article is more of how I journeyed towards the discovery of the site. Along the way I introduce possible online jobs that might interest you and investment plans that payout weekly without failure. The story is designed to make you realize that it all takes time and research.

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